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6 ways to stop mail anonymous-ness

Despite direct mail being a so-called “traditional” marketing approach, it has had its own technological advances of late—advances that fundamentally change the way prospects engage with your message. The advances come in the form of unique ways to customize your piece, and even the ability. to personalize your piece with data about the recipient.

5 tips to increase the productivity and profitability of your mail center

Neopost USA, an expert in the preparation, delivery and management of business communications, recommends five simple, green steps businesses can take to boost mailroom efficiency and overall profitability.

Regulators allow Postal Service price drop despite complaints from UPS, FedEx

Regulators in the United States have approved plans by the US Postal Service to lower its Priority Mail rates for business customers from next month — despite concerns expressed by ground shipping rivals UPS and FedEx. Retail rates for Priority Mail will increase on average 1.7 percent in order to maintain the Postal Service’s overall rate cap.

Senators plead for 1-year moratorium on postal consolidation

Fifty vacationing Senators attached their names to a letter sent recently to the chairwoman and ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, asking them to block Phase 2 of the U.S. Postal Service’s Network Rationalization plan. They want a one-year moratorium on the closure of 82 processing facilities and the elimination of 15,000 jobs, as well as a ban on delivery cuts.

Elections bring millions in direct-mail revenue to Postal Service

Postal reform still sits in Congress’ dead letter office, but politicians are doing something to keep the U.S. Postal Service afloat: They’re spending millions of dollars on direct mail this election. The Center for Responsive Politics reports the postal service has been paid $17.5 million so far this election cycle for delivering political direct-mail pieces, ranking it No. 4 on the center’s list of political vendors. This revenue won’t close the postal service’s fiscal gap — it lost $2 billion last quarter — but every little bit helps.

Every direct mail package will get results if you just…

Camilla Lorentzen writes, “Having spent 25 years in the direct mail business, I can confidently say there are 10 reliable ways marketers can boost rates of consumer response and engagement.”

We’ve got your number

Admit it. No matter how much magic there is to marketing, we’re all hooked on data. We use it to confirm a suspicion, make our case, benchmark ourselves. It helps guide strategic marketing decisions and influences creative. So, in the spirit of data sharing, we’ve gone through our recent archives* to present you with a selection of compelling, odd, or surprising data points.

93 percent of companies are ineffective at cross-channel marketing

At 67 percent, the great majority of companies are prioritizing the integration of key marketing activities across channels, according to a study released recently by Econsultancy, in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud. The study, which surveyed nearly 1,000 digital marketing and ecommerce professionals, found that less than half of marketers (49 percent) feel their company is set up to enable cross-channel integration, even to a “certain extent.” Only 7 percent claim that their organization is in a good position to deliver effective cross-channel marketing.

Postcard campaigns are excellent marketing options for dental practices

Are you thinking about a postcard campaign to help with the marketing of your dental practice? Postcard campaigns are successful tools for many dental practices. The first question you should ask before starting your campaign is, “What do I want to accomplish with my postcard marketing campaign? Do I want new patients, or do I want my old patients back?”

Have direct mail best practices been influenced by digital media?

Digital marketing and digital media have changed the way many marketers communicate with their customers and prospects. Email has provided a cost-effective and expeditious vehicle to communicate with customers. Online vehicles, such as banner ads and content marketing, are demonstrating value as effective pull marketing mechanisms.
So has digital marketing, and more specifically digital media channels, changed or influenced direct mail best practices? And how should marketers adapt their direct mail to accommodate these new channels?