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Bill would end ban on USPS shipments of alcoholic beverages

The U.S. Postal Service could be able to ship beer, wine and liquor for the first time in more than a century under the provisions of a forthcoming bill in Congress.

Brewbound reports that Rep. Jackie Speier plans to introduce the USPS Shipping Equity Act.

The bill would eliminate a 1909 ban on shipments of alcoholic beverages through the mail, which was enacted during the height of the nation’s temperance movement.

White House backs major postal overhaul

From March 12, 2014: President Obama renewed his longstanding call to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service in his fiscal 2015 budget, saying the agency must be reformed to ensure its future viability. Obama recommended restructuring the Postal Service’s requirement to prefund the health care of retirees. His plan would defer the fixed payments due in 2014, and part of the payments due in the two years after that. Those payments would then be restructured into a 40-year amortization schedule starting in 2017. The proposal would provide more than $9 billion in relief to U.S. Postal Service through 2016.

Mortgage lenders and direct mail: A successful and rewarding partnership

Direct mail is one of most viable marketing channels available, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Direct mail continues to outperform electronic channels in acquiring new customers. In fact, statistics from the DMA comparing the performance of direct mail and electronic channels show consumers readily accept direct mail as a vehicle companies use to market their products and services. But most importantly, direct mail is measurable, and the return on investment (ROI) is strong.

Your direct mail marketing checklist

Direct mail marketing can be an exceptionally effective choice for many types of businesses, used alone or in conjunction with other marketing techniques. Postcards are particularly popular with small businesses for their affordability and impact, although sometimes a brochure-mailer can sometimes also be appropriate.

Whether you’re just now discovering direct mail marketing or it’s been a mainstay of your local business promotional efforts for years, it’s handy to have a checklist you can reference from time to time, to ensure your mailers produce consistently excellent results.

Mighty Tieton: USPS nixes Kickstarter-funded ‘coolest post office in America’

It’s a design that gives a whole new meaning to the term “post office wall.” It’s a project that might make tiny Tieton, Washington’s post office one of the most celebrated in the world, a beacon for reviving post offices and small towns everywhere. It’s a gift that many a flailing, red-ink-soaked organization might gladly grasp. But the U.S. Postal Service isn’t just any organization.

Last winter an energetic team of Tieton entrepreneurs and artists offered to replace the rotting siding fronting the local post office with a gorgeous $48,000 façade for the ages, in perdurable glass-tile mosaic.

USPS testing package-sized mailboxes

Package delivery can be tricky — sometimes a box can’t be left without a signature and those dropped at the front door could be damaged by weather. But now, the United States Postal Service may have a solution – bigger mailboxes.

The Postal Service is testing larger, package-friendly mailboxes.

Tracking direct mail is an absolute must

Three Dog Logistics writes: “Raise your hand if you’ve ever mailed a package to someone and wondered if it made it. Luckily most delivery services offer tracking that verify the package reached its ultimate destination. Phew, what a relief, right? When it comes to direct mail you should have the exact same expectations. The ability to track a direct mail piece from the time it enters the postal system to final delivery is a reality and something that should be required from any direct mail firm you’ve engaged.”

Postal Service could generate millions by partnering with wellness services

The Postal Service could boost its revenue by partnering with wellness organizations that need help delivering goods and services to their clients, says a recent USPS inspector general report.

The report says wellness organizations are facing financial challenges because funding has remained flat, despite an increase in the population of older Americans.

Postal Innovation Act calls for USPS to use more ‘cost-efficient and environmentally friendly technology’

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker has introduced the Postal Innovation Act, which calls upon the United States Postal Service to use “more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly technology” for its vehicles, and also explore “the economic benefits of non-postal services.”

Using direct mail to drive traffic to your website

Direct mail — when used correctly — can be a very powerful tool for marketers. By focusing on a particular market segment, using a specific call-to-action, response is maximized in this segment. Traditionally, the call-to-action has been a phone call, but in recent times has broadened to include driving recipients to the marketer’s website.