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2016 will be a growth year in marketing spending

Where will U.S. marketing spending grow in 2016? The more expedient question, perhaps, is which channels won’t see spending increases in 2016. Winterberry Group predicts increases in marketing spending on the majority of marketing channels—the exceptions: marketing spending on cinema, insert media, and radio will stay flat; magazine and newspaper spending will decline (by 1.9 percent and 6 percent, respectively).

Harnessing innovation to deliver higher value communications through mail

By helping clients implement best practices for higher-value communications — such as making mail more colorful, interactive, engaging and integrated with digital communications — leading mail service providers are turning their customers’ bills, statements, and direct mail into powerful marketing tools. This is enabling them to have a different kind of conversation with their clients — one that appeals to the marketing influences that often shape a client’s buying decision.

How to avoid duplicate barcodes in mailings

Data departments are generating duplicate barcodes for some of the mail their Lettershops are giving to comminglers. This is a serious problem that’s burning mailers of record like Midwest, left on the hook for potentially steep postal assessments and fines. Let’s start by getting a handle on the definition of a duplicate Intelligent Mail Barcode.

What’s ahead for senders in 2016? Not business as usual

For mailers, don’t expect 2016 to be business as usual. Businesses of all shapes and sizes will see a continued increase in sending costs, which include everything the organization sends out: parcels, flats and mail. In addition to higher sending costs, businesses will also be forced to manage increasing complexity. They’ll need tracking and tracing capability across carriers and much greater visibility into the end to end sending process.

Survey: Retailers will stick with direct mail in 2016

Fewer retailers said they’d decrease direct mail campaigns than did last year, indicating a leveling-off in declining usage of the channel, according to a study from AgilOne. The predictive marketing cloud provider surveys about 150 retail marketing executives at the beginning of each year to get an idea of their plans for the year ahead.

Creating catalogs: When your direct mail includes product guides

Most of us are most familiar with simple forms of direct mail. Flyers, post cards and single page documents are the most common items we find in our mail boxes. However, in 2010 alone, nearly 13 billion catalogs were mailed in the U.S., and they remain a popular form of direct mail. Here is what you need to know.

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Public sees direct mail in fonder light, survey finds

Public perception of direct mail is improving, with almost half of consumers seeing it as good business communication, according to a recent survey. Data specialist Wilmington Millennium questioned 2,000 consumers in December and found 48 percent thought it is a good way for businesses to connect with them, a rise of 7 percent since a similar survey in 2014.

Why direct mail gets opened more than email

Do friends and relatives still send your holiday card by mail? Or do they instead dash off an email, or post a message on Facebook to everyone at once? Only one of those greetings offers the more personal touch and is most likely to be opened and read. We’ve previously discussed why direct mail still matters in the age of social media.

Direct-mail enjoying a renaissance, say industry experts

Amid this January’s barrage of TV and online travel advertising, direct-mail is enjoying a renaissance, according to industry experts. Panelists at a recent Cim Travel Group Question Time said the battle today was as much for ‘share of doormat’ as ‘share of voice’ online and on other media.