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Earned Value Mail Promo to launch on schedule

In its April 16 filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission revising requests for certain market dominant rate approvals, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it would proceed on schedule with the first of four planned promotions for 2015. The Earned Value Promotion, reports U.S. Postal Service, will run from May 1 through July 31.

White House backs major postal overhaul

From March 12, 2014: President Obama renewed his longstanding call to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service in his fiscal 2015 budget, saying the agency must be reformed to ensure its future viability. Obama recommended restructuring the Postal Service’s requirement to prefund the health care of retirees. His plan would defer the fixed payments due in 2014, and part of the payments due in the two years after that. Those payments would then be restructured into a 40-year amortization schedule starting in 2017. The proposal would provide more than $9 billion in relief to U.S. Postal Service through 2016.

Mortgage lenders and direct mail: A successful and rewarding partnership

Direct mail is one of most viable marketing channels available, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Direct mail continues to outperform electronic channels in acquiring new customers. In fact, statistics from the DMA comparing the performance of direct mail and electronic channels show consumers readily accept direct mail as a vehicle companies use to market their products and services. But most importantly, direct mail is measurable, and the return on investment (ROI) is strong.

Making sense of the marketing services provider transformation

Mail is not going away, nor is the need to centrally aggregate products and materials for efficient distribution. But, for many companies in these industries, profit margins are smaller, the number of clients is dwindling, and projects are fewer, farther between — and when you do land them, they are often much smaller than in the past.

My experiment in combining direct mail with digital/social

Ashley Friedlein writes, “My particular area of expertise is digital marketing, media and ecommerce. However, whilst I remain excited by what is possible with purely digital marketing, I am most intrigued by marketing that makes intelligent, creative and effective use of a mixture of media.”

6 reasons why direct mail is still making a killing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail still gets a response rate of 3.4 percent from existing customers, which is almost 30 times the rate for email marketing. Mailing campaigns that include catalogs bring in $2 for each customer they reach, and $10 for each returning client. That’s because direct mail still works, for a few (very good) reasons.

The NPF Personal Conference Planner

Available online now!

The Online Personal Conference Planner has been updated with current information and improved functionality for 2015. It integrates the power and convenience of the mobile app with the ability to make changes, browse your options and save your settings on any PC, Mac or tablet.

This invaluable tool allows you to browse and schedule workshops and networking events, discover and locate exhibitors relevant to your business needs, save and print workshop presentations, break the ice with other mailing professionals and win prizes!

You can access the Personal Planner online now at

Engage donors by mailing maps

Freemiums have long been a staple of direct mail fundraising, but sometimes, they are not connected to an organization’s mission. In this video, join Direct Marketing IQ’s Paul Bobnak as he looks at how some nonprofits use maps to deepen engagement with donors.

Predictive analytics breathe new life into direct mail marketing

Marketing is one of the biggest expenses for successful real estate agents. Digital marketing has become a cornerstone of every agent’s marketing strategy, and when you consider the cost effectiveness, it’s easy to see why. Real estate agents using direct mail marketing campaigns in a ZIP code with 5,000 homes can spend anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 every month to reach those residents. Unfortunately, most of that money is spent reaching homeowners who are not currently trying to buy a new home or sell their existing one.

Direct mail: Data makes all the difference

The draw of the latest marketing trends pulls at us all. Many companies have integrated their direct mail with technologies like QR Codes, NFC and augmented reality, but many are missing the point with direct mail. The power of direct mail is the ability to reach the right person with the right offer to drive their response. Yes, technology can make the responses quicker and easier, but if you are not taking into consideration the person you are sending too, you may be throwing money away.