Governments re-evaluating their decision making!

If there is one thing that was a good thing that came from the recession, it would have to be the fact that it has forced governments to reevaluate their decision making. The decisions that drove success in the past no longer work in today’s environment. Today’s needs require innovative thinking, swifter decision making and an ability to change on the fly!

So what a group of front line workers in Colorado are doing is instead of spending–they are learning how to become innovative. They are tearing down the individual governmental silos and are learning how to work together. One of those ways is what I am doing today… I am proud to say today I am learning how to blog. I can share what our government agencies in Colorado are doing in order to give a much better service back to their constituents. Come to the National Postal Forum in Orlando in April and attend my session for more details.

Mike Sexson:)

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