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Intro to Intelligent Mail

Rumor has it that the USPS plans to require the use of Intelligent Mail barcodes to be eligible for any automation discounts, starting in January 2014. Don’t get left behind; start planning for this requirement now! Find out what “Intelligent Mail” really means, and how mailers can take advantage of this initiative. Join Window Book for an educational webinar that will introduce you to the world of Intelligent Mail and help you get started using it.

February 21, 2012
2:00 PM EST
Presented by Wallace Vingelis
Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Co-mailing, Commingling and Co-palletization

Co-mailing, Commingling, Co-palletizing…Confusing, right? Well, not anymore! Join Window Book for this exciting webinar, guaranteed to solve the mysteries surrounding the various types of combined mailings. Our guest speakers for this webinar are Erv Drewek from Brown Printing Company and Deb Damore from Fairrington Transportation Corp., both experts in the processes of combining mail.
February 23, 2012
3:30 PM EST
Presented by Monica Lundquist, Postal Affairs Manager
Guest Speakers:
Erv Drewek, Brown Printing Company
Deb Damore, Fairrington Transportation Corp

Automating eDoc:
eDocs Monitor

In this economy it is more important than ever to constantly look for ways to save time and money while still getting your job done. If you are using the PostalOne! system to upload your Mail.dat files, Window Book’s exciting new eDocs Monitor will automate the monitoring of your PostalOne! upload and receipt files – and will make your job easier by efficiently processing your PostalOne! transmissions.

Join Window Book for a fantastic and informative session demonstrating how eDocs Monitor can help you automate the monitoring of all your PostalOne! activities.
March 1, 2012
2:00 PM EST
Presented by Monica Lundquist, Postal Affairs Manager
Steve Dowdy, Mailing Industry Software Specialist

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