The Human Connection

Last week, I attended the National Postal Forum (“NPF”) in Orlando, FL. The NPF is the largest conference in the mailing industry, combining educational sessions and a trade show. Executives from the United States Postal Service explained their strategy for the future, and made themselves available for questions and discussions.

The NPF is an important event for my company as well. I delivered 6 classes, ranging from quality control to succession planning to public speaking. We met with several vendors to discuss ongoing projects with clients. Most importantly, we hold our annual “Friends of The Berkshire Company Dinner” at the NPF – an opportunity to say “thank you” to our customers and supporters.

We use electronic media to stay in touch with our customers – emails, blogs, a monthly newsletters, and teleseminars. We also participate in webinars with vendors to learn about new products and services. Technology is a wonderful tool, yet it has its limits.

When presenting a class before a live audience, I’m able to reflect the energy of the people in the room. Discussing a problem face-to-face with an analyst ensures both sides understand the issues. Shaking someone’s hand when thanking them amplifies the message.

All the activity at the NPF requires a lot of time and personal energy. But renewing connections and meeting new friends invigorates me and recharges my spirit.

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