Shape of Mail to Come

Don’t be a square. Increase profits and ROI by giving your direct mail some curves. According to a recent customer survey conducted by ThinkShapes Mail of Tampa, Fla., businesses report a high customer satisfaction rating when they have used die-cut mailers in their direct mail marketing campaigns. Virtually anything you can think of — be it mailers in the shapes of basketballs, home plates, buses, guitars, or whatever — can be fabricated by die-cut printers like ThinkShapes.

ThinkShapes owners Karen and Jim O’Brien claim that shaped mail can increase the response Karen and Jim O'Brienrate over “regular” direct mail by at least two to three times. New Postal regulations that allow for custom-shaped mail in sizes as large as 12″ x 15″ to be delivered to mailboxes without envelopes have resulted in the shaped mail craze.

ThinkShapes Mail digitally prints every piece, so each mailer can be completely customized for the recipient. Marketers are free to vary any of the text, images and offers — they can even change the language — to make the piece more relevant. That can boost response rates even more.

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