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Complementary Solutions Enable Optimized Mail Production and Processing

March 13, 2014, Cambridge, MA and Mt. Laurel, NJ

Window Book, Inc., a leading provider of mailing, shipping and post-presort data management software, and GrayHair Software, Inc., a leader in delivering best practices for address hygiene and postal management, today announced an expanded relationship that enables mailers to achieve the full range of benefits available through the Intelligent Mail® barcode.

“Window Book and GrayHair together offer complementary solutions for mailers so everyone can benefit from expanded presort and post-presort systems. By having software and services from both of these industry-leading companies integrated in your mailing operation, everyone will be able to automate their daily process and fully optimize their mailing operations,” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO. “We are extremely pleased with this new partnership and look forward to expanding it even more in the future as we work together to make it easier for our mutual clients to pass data through each other’s solutions,” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO.

“We look forward to a fast growing and successful partnership. This agreement with Window Book enables GrayHair to offer its current and prospective clients advanced options to optimize their mail production,” said Raymond Chin, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, GrayHair Software. “We consider ourselves the leader in services that provide mailers methods to optimize data visibility with their vendors and customers. This partnership will close the loop on how that data is delivered into the Postal Service.”

The business synergy between Window Book and GrayHair products will result in improved production and workflow processes that can benefit many of the companies’ mutual customers. This workflow integration will make it even easier for GrayHair customers to utilize Window Book capabilities and vice versa, providing added benefits and efficiencies before, during and after presorting mail.

For more information about Window Book and/mailing and shipping software, visit, call 1-800-524-0380 or email

For more information about GrayHair, visit or call 1-856-727-9372.


For more information about Window Book and/or DAT-MAIL, visit,
call 1-800-524-0380 or email

For more information about GrayHair, visit or call 1-856-727-9372.

About Window Book:
Window Book is currently celebrating its 26th year helping clients manage their operations more profitably. Why should you talk to Window Book? Because we help you to: Streamline mail processes to reduce operational costs! Implement Full-Service and Seamless Acceptance to minimize the risk of downstream quality issues and be in a better position to defend your preparation processes. Grow with Emerging Technologies. Automate Your PostalOne! Submissions. Move to the Cloud to Optimize Your Operations. Use Your Data to Make More Money. Are you Keeping Up With Your Competition? Learn the KEY Shifts You Can Make… We Can Help YOU in Ways No Other Company Can! Call 1-800-524-0380 and talk with a Postal Expert Now.

About GrayHair

GrayHair is an innovator and industry leader in the development of solutions that improve the return-on-investment of business mail. GrayHair Advisors is the source for strategic and tactical consulting services. The company’s experience on the cutting edge of postal issues for the largest companies is key to helping mailers increase response rates, manage postal expenses, optimize mailing operations and integrate mail with digital communications. GrayHair Software provides critical services through its cloud platform SelectSolutions® including address quality (domestic and global), IMb™ assignment, mail tracking, mail monitoring, presort analysis, postage reconciliation, and global hybrid mail. For more information, visit and

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