Speaking at NPF


Every year the National Postal Forum works to create an educational program that truly addresses the needs of the ever changing, ever challenging mailing and direct marketing business community.

Industry speakers are always at the heart of each of our events. It is essential that each year that we recruit the best and brightest industry thinkers/leaders to help us to inform the industry and support the community on which we all depend. We invite you, the mailing industry professional, to help us to set the tone and make this year’s National Postal Forum a current and comprehensive educational event.

Whether the topic is current trends in mail piece design, meeting the day-to-day business demands of the modern mail center, customer acquisition, professional development, PCC involvement, or any other topic that is relevant to mailing industry goals, your submission will be greatly appreciated and carefully considered as part of our curriculum.

2017 Presentation Template


2017 TemplateIn order to standardize the theming of workshop presentations, NPF requires that all workshop presentations begin with the same NPF branded lead slide.  While not required, NPF also suggests the incorporation of the theme graphics into the header of each of the following slides within your presentation.

For your convenience, the file below contains both the lead slide required in each presentation and also a second slide aready containing the suggested header graphic for the 2017 forum.

The slides are provided in widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio as this is the suggested format for workshop presentations.



2017 Points of Contact

Speaker points of contact for the 2017 NPF – Baltimore, MD will be:

Laurie Woodhams

National Postal Forum, Business Sessions Coordinator
3998 Fair Ridge Dr Ste 150, Fairfax, VA 22033-2907
Tel: 703-293-2329
Fax: 703-218-5020
Email: lwoodhams@npf.org

Lindsey Taylor

United States Postal Service, NPF Workshop Coordinator
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20260-5006
Tel: 202-268-3002
Fax: 202-268-8976
Email: lindsey.c.taylor@usps.gov