Are you thinking about Customer experience (CX) beyond being the next trendy marketing term? The reality is that effective CX has shown to improve customer outcomes and business standing. The big challenge with CX is that, to be effective, it demands businesses to break down silos, combine strategy and technology, merge physical with digital, and have a solid action plan to success. Are you ready to take on the CX challenge? Learn how to become a CX change agent in your company through practical advice on getting started on the path to CX success.

Learn about new Business Customer Gateway features designed to simplify and improve the customer experience. Simplified account management is a key feature along with the enhanced display of Mailer quality metrics and PostalOne! information placing key information about your mailings at your fingertips. The Business Customer Gateway refresh improves the usability, presentation, and accessibility to USPS services.

NCOALink®,ACS™, Ancillary Service Endorsements provide the information to maintain an up-to-date mailing list, but which one is best for the mail you send? Learn to meet the requirements for Free Full Service ACS under the Federal Register Move Update Census method, and how you may qualify for the 99% and Legal Restriction exemptions.

The current CASS and MASS Release has been in effect since 2012. Although limited modifications have been made, it’s time to bring our address standardization capabilities into the 21st Century. Learn about the new changes and how they will help to improve on the information and validation of addresses, and to look into the future potential for this critical information maintained by the USPS.

The mailing industry continues to be transformed by a wave of innovation and information. In partnership, the USPS continues to provide visibility into as much of your mail as possible. Piece, Bundle, and Container scans are being linked together to provide comprehensive visibility. The USPS will provide an overview on the gains made in tracking Bundle Visibility and access to that visibility through Informed Visibility®. Come acquire new knowledge on how to track your mail by leveraging this additional visibility.

Not all marketing channels are created equal --- costs, response rates, reach, and ability to segment vary. This workshop will promote and discuss the key attribute that makes mail a viable marketing channel: It’s DATA DRIVEN. Learn how to GET (acquisition), GROW (upsell/cross-sell), and KEEP customers (loyalty/retention) using techniques such as profiling, predictive modeling, and building ROI models to explore/implement new opportunities. Mail not only compliments other marketing channels; it can be the catalyst to engagement in other channels. Learn how data-driven mail can extend reach into digital platforms without adding additional cost.

Now fully immersed in the era of big data, business leaders are faced daily with overwhelming amount of number, analyses and reports. But how do you sift through the noise to determine what to focus on, and how to spur action based on the insights it provides? In our increasingly digital and customer-centric world, real-time analysis and transmission of data can allow organizations to not only better understand customer friciton points and operational breakdowns, but also to make significant business improvements and improve customer experiences. Learn how the USPS is harnessing customer, market, and operational data to prioritize and drive enhancements to the customer experience.

From new Move Update rules to address processes during natural disasters, address quality is never a static topic. In this workshop we’ll review some of the most noteworthy changes, hottest topics and biggest controversies over the last year. Get a sneak peek into what’s next for the addressing group for MTAC and the upcoming CASS Cycle. Bring your addressing challenges for discussion.

Informed Visibility (IV) gives you more data to manage your mailings than you’ve ever had before, but where do you start? We’ll share tips for navigating the IV user interface and how to best use USPS scan data to troubleshoot delivery issues. We’ll also address the many options for downloading and viewing IV data, so you can choose the alternative that works best for you. In addition, we’ll show you how to use IV to review bulk error data from your Mailer Scorecard.

Informed Visibility (IV) gives the Mailing industry Supply Chain more data to manage their mailings than we’ve ever had before. USPS Operations are looking to harness the information available with greater precision to improve the efficiency of their operations. USPS calls this initiative Predictive Inventory and Workflow. Industry calls this visibility on steroids. We will discuss the benefits and the implications of this new platform to bring unparalleled visibility and data analytics, so that the audience can take advantage of this significant change.