Your PCC has done some incredible things this year, so let’s starting thinking awards! Attend this session to hear from past PCC Leadership Award winners on how to create a successful 2018 submission. The size of your PCC doesn’t matter if you are in it to win it! You will receive tips on format and content, while giving direction for future PCC success. You will also learn details about the 2019 PCC Leadership and Premier Awards so you can get a jumpstart on next year’s submissions. This new 2-part panel discussion session is interactive and guaranteed to motivate your PCC for success. You can’t afford to miss this session because it will focus on you and what you need to know and how to make your submissions stand out. 

Hear from students, professors, the Postal Service and Postal Customer Council representatives about a new initiative to encourage professors at colleges and universities to teach more about direct mail in their marketing and graphic communication curriculum. We are working to connect PCC and Mailing Industry experts with interested professors and students. This is your chance to get involved and help promote direct mail education, grow mailing as a part of the marketing mix, and identify new sources of talent to support your business. 

Direct mail campaigns have dramatically changed over the past 10 years, and will continue to change in the coming years thanks to technology like Augmented Reality (AR). AR uses a printed trigger, such as a postcard, to launch a digital interaction using a software app. The user defined printed trigger is digitally scanned by the app and then activates a digital action that then appears on a screen, e.g. a smartphone or tablet. This interaction can be simple to complex, and can cause a website to be launched, a video to be played, or even launch a 3D image. AR actions can even be added to existing publications. This workshop will look to define augmented reality and provide a basic lesson on how to create an AR interaction. Research and case studies will also be discussed to demonstrate the value of AR incorporated into direct mail.

Today’s highly personalized direct mail is a key component in powering omnichannel marketing campaigns. Hear from two leading experts on how to use digital print technology to tailor offers and drive a cohesive messaging strategy across channels and devices. Exploring both the art and science of direct marketing, strategy and design we will focus on what makes offers most effective – whether delivered via paper or pixels. Direct marketing and brand expert speakersl will dissect why it works. This fun and informative session will also be full of tips and case studies for improving response and conversion rates using strategies and tactics that are proven to provide a strong return on marketing investment across all channels.

Come learn about creative trends in digital marketing and how they relate to Direct Mail. This workshop will share how to leverage data for the right prospects, how to personalize a campaign through use of external sources and tell you how to connect with your audience at the right place with the right medium. This is a must join workshop to understand how an omni-channel campaign with direct mail as a driver is important to your business with measurable success.

Constantly connected. Social media-savvy. Multicultural. Pragmatic. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe today’s biggest generation—Gen Z. Gen Z, whose members were born between 1996 and 2010, makes up 25% of the US population, making it bigger than Baby Boomer and Millennials. Gen Zers, who have never known a world without the internet, have unique values and needs that shape what they expect from marketers and advertisers. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of this generation and explain how mail marketers can best reach its members, exploring the impact of new technologies like AI and VR.

Marketing automation is becoming more and more of a focal point for the entire customer journey marketing strategy. Marketing messages are only effective when they engage audiences at the right time within their journey. This workshop discusses how you can make direct mail as an integrated part of the marketing automation system throughout the customer journey, just as email or any other type of digital channel. We will touch discuss different strategies on how direct mail automation can help drive results throughout all stages of a consumer’s journey.

The need to integrate direct mail activities to online digital marketing has never been so critical and the transition does not come easy. In this workshop, learn how to address and overcome common obstacles and hear how a printing company increased their revenue by $1.2 million during their first year of digital integration. Be the first to learn about the latest technologies specifically for the print industry, including knowing who from your mailing list is visiting your website and matching a mailing list with each of their social media profiles and more.

Direct Mail is thriving in today's multi-channel environment. With the confluence of "screen options" and media choices, Direct Mail effectively ties them all together and continues to outperform all other marketing options. In this session the attendees will learn how this can still be true and see data that supports this claim regardless of the measurement you want to use - ROI, Cost per campaign, Speed to Market, Delivery percentages, Open Rates, Address accuracy, etc.

This workshop is for both government and mailing industry professionals. Hear how agencies are successfully managing their mailing requirements to meet the USPS requirement for address quality, postage discounts and move update standards.