As Bob Dylan sang, “you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone. For the times they are a-changin'.” The time to prepare for 2020 is now. Changes in workflow, processes, and strategies don’t happen overnight – they take time, and all members of the print and mail industry need to take stock and make plans for what lies on the horizon. In this planning workshop, you’ll examine disruptions such as: - Changing workforces in mail shops - The rising buying power of millennial marketers (and their audiences) - Technology’s impact With each disruption, there’s a 20/20 balance of good and bad. Let’s look at the unique ways the industry can handle them such as automated workflows, integrated processes, documentation, training, and education.

Informed Delivery is one if the Postal Service’s most important new programs, and offers mailers an exciting new marketing platform. In this workshop, we will show you how to get the maximum value from Informed Delivery by building a multi-channel campaign around it. We’ll discuss how to create and link web landing pages, how to develop unique URL’s for each mail piece so you user visits a web page designed just for them, and how to measure and maximize response.

This workshop will provide a review of emerging technologies and how they might be applied to a printed mail piece in the future to help drive engagement and response rates. The Postal Service will present concepts to inspire marketers and mailers about the ways in which we may leverage the printed piece to bridge between the physical and digital, and realize all the benefits through the capabilities of mail and the convergence of paper and pixels.

In this workshop hear how the USPS uses geospatial data to help pave the way for new advancements in mail delivery operations and how it applies to your company. Concepts will be presented to inspire potential future states of the bridge between the physical and digital capabilities of the mail.

Bills, statements and invoices are often your most important customer interaction. But shifts in technology, mobility and information have created a growing challenge to effectively communicate with customers, especially with new digital technologies and rapidly changing customer preferences. Plus, ensuring the integrity of your transactional and information-based mailings is critical to not only meet your compliance needs, but to protect your brand, guard the privacy of your customers’ data and enhance your customer experience. Learn strategies and best practices to avoid risk and future-proof your current systems to enhance the impact of your communications by enabling seamless and more relevant multi-channel customer communications into the future.

The speakers have run numerous Informed Delivery interactive campaigns with their own mailings and have helped many customers of all sizes and across many verticals do the same. They will share best practices, lessons learned, and tips to enable you to optimize your participation in Informed Delivery when you use a Commingler or are considering using a Commingler. This session will include demonstrations of the Informed Delivery Mailer Portal and other options for submitting a campaign. The speakers will share their experiences to enable you to most effectively add Informed Delivery content to your mailings.

While general campaign creation is easy using Informed Delivery’s online tools, Mail.dat makes advanced campaign creation possible and manageable. This workshop will review Mail.dat basics for campaign creation and will describe multiple ways to create personalized campaigns.

Informed Delivery gives mailers the opportunity to connect with their clients and prospects via the Informed Delivery - Daily Digest email. By customizing this email with your own ride along image and unique link that directs your client/prospects to custom landing pages, you are connecting your printed mail piece to the online world. We will share the tested different strategies and reveal the successful results.

Informed Delivery was designed to support the inclusion of digital content that augments the messaging delivered by the physical mail piece. In this workshop, the USPS will discuss the lessons learned in adding digital content to physical mail pieces and offer some emerging practices for making the most out of the digital bridge Informed Delivery provides.

Will Informed Delivery be the new technology that creates the bridge between the physical mail piece and the digital window or just be a technically advanced white elephant? Learn how companies plan to use Informed Delivery. This workshop will reveal the successes the early adopters in the mailing industry have discovered through testing.