This session will feature former and current US Customs officials and cross-border shipping experts from the public and private sectors. Differences between Postal clearance and commercial clearance – and the future impact to your business of changing data and preparation requirements – will be explained. If reducing cost and improving the speed and reliability of transit times for your cross-border packages is of interest to your company, you don’t want to miss this panel. Your eyes will be opened to new and unexpected insights. This session will present some new approaches to pre-clearance that reduce the amount of transit time consumed by the clearance process. and the uncertainty associated with cross-border delivery, by carefully assessing the character of the merchandize being shipped – before the shipment leaves the warehouse. Anyone who depends upon product entering or leaving the US will want to attend this valuable workshop.

Join our panel of industry experts as we discuss “future” logistics trends that are happening today. We all know that being able to respond quickly to these trends and to leverage them into your portfolio is the difference between company growth and company stagnation. We have selected practical trends that have quickly gained momentum (we’re not talking about drones). Our panel, along with an interactive audience, will discuss the challenges of implementing these trends and how practical solutions can benefit retailers by staying relevant with the shopping-savvy consumer. We will be sure to save time for audience participation so please bring your own practical trends that you would like to share and discuss and/or be ready to pose organizational challenges that need to be addressed in your own company around small-parcel shipping.

A better understanding of the customs process can lead to greater internal efficiency in handling potentially dutiable packages. Best practices for international shipments in conjunction with USPS guidelines will streamline workflow and improve delivery. What should your organization do to expedite sending dutiable packages? In this workshop, learn the answers that will help you increase your efficiencies and improve delivery.

Fulfillment and shipping are often the final, and arguably most important, touchpoints when it comes to the customer experience. It is imperative for businesses to adopt processes and technologies that can help them meet these consumer expectations. In this workshop learn how the shipping and fulfillment process can lead to loyal customers, limit human error in your workflow, and how rate shopping and automation can lower shipping and fulfillment costs and much more.

Most consumers now expect free shipping as an option for all of their e-commerce purchases. And while statistics show that over 55% of shoppers abandon carts because of shipping costs, offering free shipping is also eating into profits as costs continue to rise. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to offering free shipping, in this session we will share insights and strategies on how e-commerce businesses can afford to meet consumer expectations and perhaps even turn “free shipping” into a profitable venture. Key takeaways:

  • How to evaluate your business to determine when free shipping is a viable option
  • How establishing baselines and creating thresholds can help increase business • How your shipping strategy affects shipping costs.

Whether buying from an online retailer or a global marketplace, consumers are driving demand for seamless online buying experiences that are country agnostic, easy to use, and that offer free or low-cost shipping and reliable, day-certain delivery. Established companies like eBay are continuously improving their platforms and the online experience for both consumers and sellers, and emerging global eCommerce companies like Wish are leapfrogging the payment and tracking technology of the 90s to deliver innovative solutions, resulting in unprecedented Y-O-Y growth. These distinguished panelists will share insights into best practices in global logistics and online technology.

Attend this workshop to hear a potential customer panel including the likes of Amazon, Jet and Lego, etc. to talk about how companies are experimenting with messaging on their packaging to extend the customer experience, increase brand messaging and collect feedback on packaging.

Informed Delivery is expanding beyond mail to parcels. Join us to find out how it works and why you would want to include Informed Delivery content as part of your shipping process. The speakers will share best practices, lessons learned, and tips to enable you to optimize your participation in Informed Delivery as a Brand Owner, Shipper or Service Provider.

In this session, we will identify various ways to cost effectively distribute globally and expand your business reach into international markets. Learn how to implement low cost shipping options that maintain high service levels and choices in international shipping and delivery. We will examine how to optimize the USPS’ international supply chain solutions as well as explore alternatives with the USPS’ Qualified Postal Wholesalers . We will also cover the nuances of international shipping with duties and taxes prepaid or collected at destination and how that affects your distribution choices.

Want to enhance the “customer experience” for your students? Want to decrease student inquires of “Where’s my package? The Post Office says it’s delivered!” Come learn about the new Delivery Partners program where the USPS will accept “last mile” scan events from your mail center to provide tracking visibility for package mailers.