May 18, 2022




We invite you to join us at the NPF in Phoenix, AZ, where a special one-day Election Mail Forum will be taking place, hosted by USPS and expert Election Mail leaders like you.

Hear their experiences. Benefit from their expertise.

Election Mail experts will showcase how to optimize best practices and make the most of available resources throughout every stage of the Election Mail process. Enjoy a full day of expert panel presentations and actionable insights that will fortify your Election Mail responsibilities.


  • Update from USPS Election Mail Leadership
  • Best Practices on sending ballots and other Election Mail
  • Mail design that can maximize voter impact
  • Tools for optimum maintenance of voter registration rolls
  • Election research, administration and legislation resources
  • Strategies for adapting to challenges brought on by the pandemic
  • Postal Service’s vast network and commitment to security & transparency
  • And much more


Panel 1: Voter Registration & List Maintenance

Maintaining accurate voter registration rolls is the foundation upon which successful elections are built, the Postal Service’s address hygiene products may help improve the accuracy of that information.

Find out more from leaders in the field about tools available to ensure your registration rolls are in top shape.

Panel Speakers: 

Shane Hamlin, Executive Director, Electronic Registration Information Center

Earl Johnson, Acting Director, Addressing & Geospatial Technology, USPS

Julie Wise, Director of King County, WA Elections

Panel 2: Design & Visibility

Designing an attractive mailpiece that will get your voters’ attention is key.

Learn from subject matter experts about creating pieces that not only positively impact your voters, but also may be effortlessly processed by the USPS.

Panel Speakers:

Michael Conley, Acting Manager, Mailpiece Design, USPS

James Duffy, Manager, Commercial Product Preparation & Payment, USPS

Stephen Jones, Program Manager, Mail & Package Information Technology-Intelligent Mail & Address Quality USPS

Whitney Quesenbery, Executive Director, Center for Civic Design

Panel 3: Election Mail Service Providers

Deciding if outsourcing your mailing needs to a professional is the best approach?

Hear from the industry leaders about different services and support available to best serve your voters and what you need to know now for November.

Panel Speakers:

Jeff Ellington, President & Chief Executive Officer, Runbeck Election Services Inc.

Judy Kalus, TMM Product Specialist, Pitney Bowes

Kim Waltz, Vice President, Client Relations & Postal Affairs, Cathedral Corporation

Panel 4: USPS Election Mail Leadership Update

The Postal Service is your prime partner to succeed in using the mail as part of your election process.

Hear from the Election Mail leaders at the Postal Service about their commitment to serving election officials and the voters of our nation.

Panel Speakers: 

Dan Bentley, Manager, Election & Government Mail Programs, USPS

Adrienne Marshall, Director, Election & Government Mail Services, USPS

Panel 5: Legislation, Research, & Tools

Don’t miss this panel of recognized experts in the field of election research and administration.

Learn more about the public resources available to provide answers to your key policy questions.

Panel Speakers:

Lori Augino, Executive Director, National Vote at Home Institute 

Prof. Paul Gronke, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Early Voting Information Center, Reed University

Prof. Mindy Romero, Research Assistant Professor, University of Southern California (USC) and founder and director of the Center for Inclusive Democracy (CID)

Wendy Underhill, Director, Elections and Redistricting Program, National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL)

Panel 6: Sending Election Mail and Ballots to Every Voter

Many jurisdictions have shifted to a Vote-by-Mail model. COVID-19 has accelerated this move.

Hear from recognized experts in the field who have made the transition share their lessons learned and best practices.

Panel Speakers:

Gabriella Cazares-Kelly, Pima County, AZ Recorder

Secretary Jim Condos, Secretary of State, Vermont

Ricky Hatch, Clerk/Auditor, Weber County, UT

Panel 7: COVID Impacts on Election Mail

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the 2020 election cycle, with many of these changes becoming permanent.

Hear from recognized leaders in the community about how they adapted elections administration to unprecedented times.

Panel Speakers:

Hillary Hall, Government Affairs Director, National Vote at Home Institute

Casandra Hockenberry, Program Manager, The Center of Innovation, Council of State Governments (CSG)

Scott Wiedmann, Deputy Director, Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

Panel 8: Security of the System

Election security is a paramount concern to all election officials.

Learn more about the Postal Service’s commitment to providing the highest level of security and transparency to Election Mail throughout its vast network.

Panel Speakers:

Jennifer Morrell, Partner, Elections Group

Brendan Soennecken, U.S. Postal Inspector, Program Manager Security Group, National Headquarters, USPIS


May 18, 2022 – Exclusive One-Day Forum


The NPF will get off to a strong start with a combined Welcome Reception and seven individual Areas’ Receptions. Each USPS Area will have its own designated space so attendees can mingle with colleagues from across several USPS Areas at this catered event. This is always a popular event and is a must-attend on your agenda.

How to Register – All in for $99


The NPF will get off to a strong start with a combined Welcome Reception and seven individual Areas’ Receptions. Each USPS Area will have its own designated space so attendees can mingle with colleagues from across several USPS Areas at this catered event. This is always a popular event and is a must-attend on your agenda.

May 18, 2022 – Exclusive One-Day Forum

  • 7:00 AM Enjoy a Complimentary Continental Breakfast
  • 8:00 AM Welcoming Remarks – Tom Foti, VP Product Solutions, USPS
  • 8:15 AM Panel 1 – Voter Registration & List Management
  • 9:10 AM Panel 2 – Design & Visibility
  • 10:10 AM Panel 3 – Election Mail Service Providers
  • 11:10 AM Panel 4 – USPS Election Mail Leadership Update
  • 12:00 PM Complimentary Networking Lunch
  • 1:10 PM Panel 5 – Legislation, Research & Tools
  • 2:10 PM Panel 6 – Sending Election Mail and Ballots to Every Voter
  • 3:10 PM Panel 7 – Covid Impacts on Election Mail
  • 4:10 PM Panel 8 – Security of the System
  • 4:50 PM Closing Remarks – Steve Monteith, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and EVP, USPS
  • Special Invitation: Arriving early on May 17? You're invited to attend an evening reception inside the NPF Exhibit Hall from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM. Enjoy beverages and appetizers in a relaxed atmosphere while networking with mailing and shipping professionals!

How to Register – All in for $99

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn and network with Postal Service Election Mail Specialists, State and Local Election Officials, and Election Mail preparation vendors and optimize your Election Mail process.

Although online registration is closed, you can still register onsite at the Phoenix Convention Center – National Postal Forum. 

Phoenix Convention Center – NPF Registration
Level 300
100 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.  

Onsite registration hours are:

Saturday, May 14:  12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Sunday, May 15:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday, May 16:  7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday, May 17:  7:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday, May 18:  8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We’ll see you in Phoenix!