May 3-4, 2021 | Spring Virtual Event

USPS Executive Led Sessions

Attendees have an opportunity to personally learn from key postal leaders about topics that will guide the entire mailing and shipping industry into the future. Each year, the Officer led sessions provide perspective on some of the most important issues, changes and ideas affecting the industry.

National Meeting of Areas Inspiring Mail (AIM)

Sunday, April 26 (8:30 AM–10 AM) 

Join the USPS Chief Operating Officer and postal and industry leaders for in-depth discussions on mailing and shipping operations. This insightful session showcases the partnership between the industry and USPS and highlights key innovations and programs implemented by both USPS and Industry members from across the seven Areas. This is your opportunity to gain national insights on logistics, transportation, equipment and most importantly how USPS intends to maintain its commitment to providing outstanding customer service. This plenary session gives you a chance to interact with USPS, National, Area and local leaders and a platform to learn more about key operational changes. You won’t want to miss this session!

PCC Opening Session

Sunday, April 26 (10:15 AM–11:45 AM)

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) community is an invaluable resource for business mailers to share best practices to maximize the performance of their PCC – small or large. In this session we’ll share new innovations the PCC Advisory Committee and Program Office have developed – things you can implement locally to help your PCC thrive. We are bringing back the PCC Leadership Awards to NPF so we encourage you attend and see your peers recognized. Don’t miss this fun, engaging session with games and a few surprise reveals. Please feel free to bring your PCC lapel pins and exchange them with other members.

The session is open to all Forum attendees, including current and future postal and industry PCC members.

Opening General Session – USPS Leadership Keynote Address

Monday, April 27 (8AM–9:30 AM)

Senior USPS leaders will share strategic insights into the future for the mailing and shipping industry. Innovations that can drive value and profitability through the mail for you and your customers will be center stage. Transformative technologies and fresh approaches can open the door to enhanced customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty. Join us for a morning of collaboration on ways to create competitive efficiency and growth.


Tuesday General Session

Tuesday, April 28  (8AM–9:30 AM)

Welcome to the most magical place on earth – Disney World! Storytelling is an opportunity to spark our imaginations, build connections, and strengthen brand engagement—this is the magic of tactile experiences and communications. In this session, join thought leaders and experts to explore the magical ways companies are using storytelling and experience design to appeal to all of our senses. Hear about how brands can deliver authentic, thoughtful experiences for their customers and leave feeling inspired to create new, magical connections with consumers.

USPS Officer Led Sessions
2020 Sessions

2020 – THE CX EDGE

VP Customer Experience, USPS

USPS is using business intelligence and analytics across the enterprise to innovate and personalize the customer journey at every touchpoint. In this session the VP Customer Experience will discuss how the voice
of the customer data, empowering employees and a state-of-the-art customer relation management platform provides a consistent and reliable customer experience across all channels. This session will also demonstrate how USPS is incorporating these learnings to improve the customer experience.


VP Mail Entry and Payment Technology, USPS

USPS is defining the future of mail by building tomorrow’s mailing and shipping solutions today. We’re investing in automation, leveraging the power of machine learning and analytics, and developing cloud-based solutions to innovate faster and to create a frictionless mailing experience for all of our mailing and shipping customers. Join this session to learn how USPS is harnessing the strength of automation to simplify the mail journey through the use of Intelligent Mail Barcode Accounting (IMba), streamline mail acceptance and verification with Seamless Acceptance, empower the future of package shipping with our Package Platform, and transform your customer experience through the nationwide launch of the Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center.


Chief Postal Inspector, USPS

As the security and law enforcement arm of USPS, the Inspection Service responds to crisis whenever needed. With that response, comes the inherent need for leadership during a time of chaos. There are many levels of crisis we can be called to respond to, from that of a workplace violence incident to a natural disaster. It
is important for those who respond to understand the need for guidance and level-headed thinking. During this presentation, the Chief Postal Inspector will discuss crisis events the Inspection Service has responded to and give best-practices on measures you can take when and if a crisis hits your organization.


VP Product Innovation, USPS

USPS remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to adapt to industry trends and ever-changing consumer needs and expectations. Join the VP of Product Innovation, and discover how the growth of the Informed Delivery Platform has paved the way for additional opportunities and continues to enhance the value of mail. Come learn about the mail and technology innovations set to shake up the industry.


In a mailing and shipping environment facing daunting, larger-than-life challenges, there’s one team fighting
to keep mail and packages on track and on time: USPS Enterprise Analytics.

The audience will come along as our team fights for efficiency, customer experience, and on-time delivery by leveraging end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics capabilities. This team will stop at nothing to help their customers execute successful marketing campaigns and ensure on-time package fulfillment.


VP Marketing, USPS & VP Pricing, USPS

May you live in interesting times – 2020 marks a pivotal time for the mailing industry. Join USPS Vice Presidents of Marketing and Pricing as they discuss key market and regulatory forces driving future pricing and product decisions. The landscape presents a combination of industry, regulatory and legislative changes that could shape the mailing industry for years to come. Insights into product assessments and suggested changes and improvements will also be discussed.


VP Supply Management, USPS

Join the USPS Supply Management (SM) VP for this session and learn SM’s new technology initiatives concerning supplier performance dash boards, using data to drive results, SM’s Supply Chain Relationship Management Program, supplier scorecards, establishing workflow processes, Robotic Process Automation, and SM’s Strategic Initiatives under its current Three-Year Strategic Plan.


VP Logistics, USPS

USPS has a tremendous Logistics Capability, focused on tracking the movement of mail, packages, containers, trucks and planes. Plan on attending this session to understand how we utilize data and technology that track the movement from acceptance to delivery. Your organization can benefit by leveraging the USPS Logistics Capability and you will learn how USPS is partnering with the industry to enhance visibility.


VP Delivery Operations, USPS

USPS’ unequaled capacity to pick up and deliver mail and packages at every address in America has long been one of its defining assets. Throughout the mail journey, from first touch to the moment it’s delivered, USPS is committed to helping you grow your business. USPS is continually integrating new technologies into its delivery network through innovative ways to benefit everyone. Enhance your journey by joining the VP of Delivery Operations and learn how Delivery and Retail Operations is leading the voyage through innovation, emerging technology and our engaged employees. It’s all about the mailing experience and our efforts to ensure customer service excellence from the First Mile to the Last Mile – at every touchpoint to infinity and beyond!