April 26-29, 2020 | Orlando World Center Marriott | Orlando, FL

USPS Executive Led Sessions

Attendees have an opportunity to personally learn from key postal leaders about topics that will guide the entire mailing and shipping industry into the future. Each year, the Officer led sessions provide perspective on some of the most important issues, changes and ideas affecting the industry.

National Meeting of Areas Inspiring Mail (AIM)

Sunday, April 26 (8:30 AM–10 AM) 2020 update coming soon. 

Join USPS executive leadership, as they lead an “inspiring” meeting highlighting industry trends along with advancements in service, technology, and growth.  Review important trends in the industry along with an impressive panel including prominent industry members and postal executives.  The panels will discuss the solutions between the US Postal Service and our industry partners.  This National meeting builds upon the best solutions that occur throughout the year at the Area meetings.  Begin your forum experience here as this plenary session gives you the opportunity to begin networking early with US Postal Service operation executives from around the country.

PCC Opening Session

Sunday, April 26 (10:15 AM–11:45 AM) 2020 update coming soon.

Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) – local communities of business mailers and Postal Service experts – continue to be one of the most significant networks of the mailing and shipping industry. Attend this session to learn how you can benefit from the PCC community on how to grow your business, advance your leadership skills, and receive insightful information to enhance the performance of your PCC. On center stage, you will hear from the US Postal Service and PCC Advisory Committee leaders discussing industry trends facing the mailing industry, including media and transportation updates and more.

The session is open to all Forum attendees, including current and future postal and industry PCC members.

Opening General Session – USPS Leadership Keynote Address

Monday, April 27 (8AM–9:30 AM) 2020 update coming soon.

The mailing and shipping industry is a dynamic ecosystem committed to anticipating, aligning and exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint along the customer journey. Yet, marketers and senders are challenged with keeping up with customer expectations that are shaped by the pace of cultural and technological change. How do we connect with empowered consumers to provide them with what they want, while also building trust to turn them into loyal customers?  Don’t miss the opening keynote session featuring USPS Leadership, as they share new ways mail—when integrated with digital solutions and enabled by USPS’ Informed Platform—strengthens customer engagement, spurs action and drives business growth.


Tuesday General Session

Tuesday, April 28  (8AM–9:30 AM) 2020 update coming soon.

While the future customer experience is increasingly driven by emerging technologies like robotics, wearables, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, the connection between brands and their customers can increasingly feel uncertain. Marketers must stay attuned to future trends while creating more meaningful experiences for today’s customers.

Learn about the latest technological developments and consumer shifts brands must anticipate in order to stay ahead of customer expectations. And while technology will remain a major driver of change, learn how to spark creativity and explore new ways of strengthening human connection across channels, time and place.

Come to Tuesday’s General Session keynote – Real Connection in the Digital Age – to hear from futurists, artists, agency leaders, and global brands exploring future megatrends and how not to lose sight of the art of connection.

USPS Officer Led Sessions
2019 Sessions – 2020 Sessions Coming Soon.


Vice President Corporate Information Security Office, Greg Crabb

It takes an average of 205 days to discover a data breach. The average cost of a data breach is $36,000 for a small business and up to $26.4 million for a major enterprise. Cyber threats are growing in volume and magnitude every year, and given the complexity of the mailing industry, a cyber threat can have a costly impact on not only the individual organization, but the entire mailing network. In this session, attendees will learn about the state of cyber risk within the mailing network, including sources of risk and what organizations are doing to mitigate those risks. Learn which cyber threats pose a risk to your organization and what you can do to defend against them in order to keep the cyber “neighborhood”safe.

Sunday 5/5, Period 5 | 2:45PM–3:45PM | Jr. Ballroom

Staying Alive!

Chief Postal Inspector, Gary Barksdale

If you read the newspapers or watch the news, a sadly recurring event in our society is a shooter killing innocent people. High profile shootings can happen anywhere – and they take place in just minutes. What would you do? In this workshop, learn strategies from U.S. Postal Inspectors—the Postal Service’s own federal law enforcement agents—as they provide some simple actions you can take to protect yourself, co-workers and loved ones in an active shooter situation. Knowing what to do before it happens could help save your life, as well as those around you. BE PREPARED – SURVIVE!

Monday 5/6, Period 8 | 1:30PM–2:30PM | RM 134

Visualizing the End to End Journey of Mail and Packages Through the Operations Network (Virtual and Physical Flow From Supplier to Mailbox)

Vice President Network Operations, Robert Cintron

The USPS is focused on using data and technology in order to enhance the informed customer experience, by providing real-time visibility of mail, packages and the logistics network. The ecosystem of mailers, logistics providers, MSPs, etc. in collaboration will greatly enhance the Customer Experience this year. Join Robert Cintron in exploring the latest in data, technology and future vision for the mailing industry. 

Tuesday 5/7, Period 11 | 11:00AM–12:00PM | Jr. Ballroom

Transforming the Customer Experience at USPS

Vice President Customer Experiences, Kelly, Sigmon

The USPS is working on making the customer experience better for all of its’ customers. In this session Kelly Sigmon will discuss customer experience market trends and insights. This session will also demonstrate how the USPS is incorporating these learnings to improve the customer experience.

Tuesday 5/7, Period 13 | 2:45:PM–3:45PM | Jr. Ballroom

Innovating Today for Tomorrow's Customer

Vice President Product Innovation, Gary Reblin

In the more than two centuries since Benjamin Franklin was appointed our first Postmaster General in 1775, the Postal Service has grown and changed with America, boldly embracing new technologies to better serve its customers. Join VP of Product Innovation Gary Reblin as he shares progress on features such as Informed Delivery and discusses new innovations that are laying the groundwork for the digital future of USPS.

Monday 5/6, Period 7 | 11:00AM–12:00PM | Jr. Ballroom

Tomorrow’s Mailing & Shipping Solutions Today

(A) Vice President Mail Entry and Payment Technology, Marc McCrery

In this fast-paced, advanced technological age, USPS is striving to ensure our customers’ evolving expectations are met. From consolidating financial interactions into the centralized and secure Enterprise Payment System, to enabling customizable, piece-level data subscriptions through Informed Visibility, we have heard our customers desire to provide timely, modern-day solutions. We’ll also discuss the Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center and the improved Business Customer Gateway, both of which are designed to provide streamlined, consistent interactions through multiple communication channels (in person, online, or over the phone), and finally we’ll talk about the enhancements USPS has made to the Package Platform, which enables increased visibility into verification and package processing. The future of mailing and shipping is in development today, so join us for this informative session where you’ll learn about all the ways USPS is working to help you meet your business needs.

Monday 5/6, Period 9 | 2:45PM–3:45PM | Jr. Ballroom

On The Road to Growth: First and Last Mile Paves The Way

Vice President Delivery Operations, Kevin McAdams

The USPS’ unequaled capacity to pick up and deliver mail and packages at every address in America has long been one of its defining assets. From first touch to the moment it’s delivered, the USPS is committed to helping you grow your business. Now, as the USPS integrates new technologies into its delivery network, it’s applying this strength in new ways to benefit everyone.  Join Kevin McAdams, as he discusses how Delivery Operations is leading the charge through innovation, emerging technology and our ENGAGED employees to keep you informed. It’s all about the mailing experience and our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction from the First Mile to the Last Mile. 

Tuesday 5/7, Period 12 | 1:30PM–2:30PM | Jr. Ballroom

What’s New in Pricing and Product?

Vice President Marketing, Steve Monteith | (A) Vice President Pricing and Costing, Steve Phelps

May you live in interesting times – 2019 marks a pivotal time for the mailing industry. Join USPS Vice Presidents Steve Monteith and Steve Phelps as they discuss key market and regulatory forces driving future pricing and product decisions. The landscape presents a combination of industry, regulatory and legislative changes that could shape the mailing industry for years to come. Insights into product assessments and suggested changes and improvements will also be discussed.

Monday 5/6, Period 8 | 1:30PM–2:30PM | Jr. Ballroom

Utilizing Analytics to Drive Performance and Fuel Innovation

(A) Vice President Enterprise Analytics, Jeff Johnson

Come hear how USPS is creating predictive and prescriptive insights and business intelligence across the enterprise through the use of data analytic tools, geospatial technology, and predictive models. At every turn, USPS is innovating new ways to utilize its rich dataset to improve visibility into its service, performance, and customer experience.

Monday 5/6, Period 10 | 4:00PM–5:00PM | Jr. Ballroom

Transforming the Customer Experience at USPS

Vice President Customer Experience, Kelly Sigmon

The Postal Service is working on making the customer experience better for all of our customers.  In this session, we discuss market trends and insight on customer experience.  We will also share how the Postal Service is incorporating these learnings to improve our customer experience.

Tuesday 5/7, Period 13 | 2:45PM–3:45PM | Jr. Ballroom

Partnering with Suppliers for Success

(A) Vice President Supply Management, Mark Guilfoil

Learn about the processes and tools that Supply Management utilities to identity suppliers that provide best in class and innovative goods and services to support Postal operations and drive competitive advantage in the marketplace. This Officer-led session explores the purchasing landscape at the Postal Service, and discusses the processes used to identify and partner with key suppliers to drive value.  The session will focus on how the Postal Service partners with suppliers to implement continuous improvements and provide new innovative solutions to grow the business.

Tuesday 5/7, Period 13 | 2:45PM–3:45PM | RM 135