2022 National Postal Forum

USPS Executive Leadership and Officer Presentations

PMG - Keynote Address

Monday, May 16 – 8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Join Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for the Monday morning General Session. The Postal Service has embarked upon a 10-year transformation to dramatically improve on-time delivery performance, to be financially self-sustaining, and to operate as the high performing organization customers expect and deserve. Postmaster General DeJoy will peel back the curtain on the implementation of the Delivering for America plan.  The current state of progress with business and growth strategy – and new organizational structure, network, infrastructure, and investment approaches – will be shared as part of this engaging talk.

The Delivering for America transformation has put the Postal Service on a new trajectory with new opportunities for the mailing and shipping industry. Hear straight from our Postmaster General about the journey toward a modern Postal Service better able to support the growth of the industries and businesses it serves.


Executive Leadership Team / Officer Presentations

Presentations are subject to change.

Data + Delivery = A Stronger Mail and Package Proposition for Customers

Companies have more data than ever before, but not everyone is using it to their advantage. In this session we will share how USPS is harnessing data to improve every aspect of the organization, including how we serve you, our valued customer. You’ll hear about new data tools, how we are using data to generate more value with enhanced services to meet our commitment to deliver every day, at every address, and to connect our communities to improve the customer experience.

Dr. Joshua Colin, Chief Retail and Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President

Tom Foti, Vice President Product Solutions

Jeff Johnson, Vice President Enterprise Analytics

Modernizing USPS Network: Facility Investments & Operational Redesign for Service Improvement

The USPS Network continues to evolve. Part of the Postal Service’s vision is to innovate to deliver operational efficiencies and create a competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technology. Hear an in-depth look into how realigning the USPS mail and package processing network with volume demand will provide resiliency and adaptability to volume spikes and marketplace needs to take the USPS to the next level and beyond.

Scott Bombaugh, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President

Luke Grossmann, Senior Vice President Finance and Strategy

Benjamin Kuo, Vice President Facilities

USPS Connect Local: Connecting Communities

Kick off the National Postal Forum as we feature solutions for neighborhood businesses to reach their communities with same day and next day delivery options to strengthen that last mile. Learn more about a suite of affordable package and mail solutions to help businesses meet consumer demand for affordable, fast, local package deliveries and returns. USPS is already in your neighborhood 6 days per week so let us deliver those packages for you. 

Sheila Holman, Vice President Marketing

Shavon Keys, Vice President Sales

Elvin Mercado, Vice President Retail and Post Office Operations

Empowering our People: Realigning to Support USPS Mission

As outlined in the Postmaster General’s Delivering for America plan, “Our people are our greatest asset, and our success depends on investing in their future”. Join us to learn how the Postal Service is improving the employee experience and focusing on employee retention and career development to build a capable and diverse workforce. We’ll also have a discussion on how we realigned our organization to best serve our customers and the American people.

Dr. Joshua Colin, Chief Retail and Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President

Isaac Cronkhite, Chief Logistics and Processing Operations Officer and Executive Vice President

Doug Tulino, Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Human Resources Officer

Sustaining our Future: Pricing & Product Strategies

In this session you will hear how the Postal Service is aligning products and pricing to improve its financial condition and have the opportunity to interact with USPS leadership. Postal officers will delve factors influencing USPS expenses such as rising inflation, transportation, and workforce costs and the headwinds and tailwinds impacting revenue. Learn insights about future pricing, promotions and new products based on customer needs to better engage consumers with the mail and drive higher ROIs.

Joe Corbett, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Steve Monteith, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

Sharon Owens, Vice President Pricing and Costing

USPS Connect Regional: A Case Study Featuring USPS Covid Test Kit Fulfillment

Presented by:

This session provides a fascinating look at the story behind USPS efficiently packaging and delivering some 330 million COVID test kits to American households, based on strategic investments and operational improvements as part of the Delivering for America plan. Hear how the Postal Service expertly leveraged its existing capabilities, developed new capabilities, and demonstrated its world class service — stepping up to meet the pressing needs of the American public. Themes and topics include technology, order and inventory systems, logistics services, processing and delivery capabilities, customer care, package labeling and more.

Scott Bombaugh, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President 
Linda Malone, Vice President Engineering Systems
Marc McCrery, Vice President Customer Experience
Pritha Mehra, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President

Impacts of Transformation: Better Structured to Match Service Performance with Customer Needs

Join us for a focused look at driving operational discipline and predictability by recalculating letter, flat, package processing operating plans. Leaders from the USPS processing, retail and delivery operations will lay out a new structure to transform delivery capabilities to meet customer needs.

Dane Coleman, Vice President Regional Processing Operations Eastern

Tim Costello, Vice President Area Retail & Delivery Operations Southern

Angela Curtis, Vice President Delivery Operations

Transforming Transportation & Logistics: Paving the Way to Performance and Growth

Attend this Officer-led session to hear how the Postal Service plans to transform and modernize its logistics and transportation networks to improve the customer experience in an increasingly competitive environment. Leaders will discuss current network challenges and outline a roadmap for an improved, dynamic logistics and transportation ecosystem, through adoption of progressive technology strategies, that will strengthen the Postal Service’s competitive advantage with enhanced agility, network performance, on-time delivery, and delivered value for our customers.

Robert Cintron, Vice President Logistics

Isaac Cronkhite, Chief Logistics and Processing Operations Officer and Executive Vice President

Peter Routsolias, Vice President Transportation Strategy

USPS Connect: Solutions Reaching Every Door

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Join this session for a comprehensive look at how businesses and organizations of all sizes can have direct access to the unmatched delivery network of USPS. USPS Connect is a set of four affordable delivery solutions that help businesses of all sizes meet growing consumer demand for fast delivery and convenient returns. We’ll showcase new product features and technology options across several capabilities to include, Package Preparation, Payment Options, Package tracking, Returns, and more. 

Pritha Mehra, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President
Jakki Krage Strako, Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President