April 26-29, 2020 | Orlando World Center Marriott | Orlando, FL

Premier Industry Education

NPF Top-Notch Education

Each year at the NPF, over 100 USPS representatives and industry experts come together to show industry professionals and business owners how to improve their mailing and shipping operations and increase profits.

NPF offers an engaging educational program that showcases innovative uses of mailing and shipping. Attendees can choose from a variety of dynamic sessions that are arranged into education tracks based on professional interest.

Take a look at what NPF 2020 has to offer and plan for a journey of innovation, collaboration and delivery!

NPF Workshop Focus

  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Leadership Skills
  • Proper Addressing and Mail Acceptance Practices
  • Mailpiece Design
  • Fulfillment
  • Data Processing and Analytics
  • Safety and Security
  • USPS-led topics regarding Policy & Regulation and Industry Projections
  • Niche Mailing
  • Specific Topics
  • Technology
  • Package Shipping
  • College and University, Nonprofit, Government and Periodicals

Exclusive 2020 USPS Executive Led Sessions


The NPF will get off to a strong start with a combined Welcome Reception and seven individual Areas’ Receptions. Each USPS Area will have its own designated space so attendees can mingle with colleagues from across several USPS Areas at this catered event. This is always a popular event and is a must-attend on your agenda.

2020 Education Tracks and Workshops


The NPF will get off to a strong start with a combined Welcome Reception and seven individual Areas’ Receptions. Each USPS Area will have its own designated space so attendees can mingle with colleagues from across several USPS Areas at this catered event. This is always a popular event and is a must-attend on your agenda.

Exclusive 2020 USPS Executive Led Sessions

The NPF is the only Mailing and Shipping Industry event that offers attendees exclusive access to USPS Executive Led Sessions. In these special sessions you’ll learn first-hand, from high-level USPS representatives, about a variety of topics that are essential to your business. The following links will give you a glimpse of what the NPF has in store for 2020. Session updates will occur as information becomes available, so visit often.

  • National Mailing of Areas Mail Inspiring Mail (AIM)
    Sunday, April 26 (8:30 AM–10 AM)
  • Opening General Session – Keynote Address
    Monday, April 27 (8 AM–9:30 AM)
  • Tuesday General Session
    Tuesday, April 28 (8 AM–9:30 AM)
  • 2020 USPS Executive Led Sessions

All events are located at the Indiana Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

2020 Education Tracks and Workshops

The NPF workshop curriculum extends far beyond any other mailing and shipping industry event. With more than 100 workshops across several industry specific categories, there is something for every industry professional. The NPF track offerings are modified each year to accommodate changing needs within the industry. 

The 2020 NPF Tracks include:

  • eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success
  • Informed Delivery: Real Time, Real Data
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Mail Operations: Fulfilling the Needs of your Customers
  • Pushing the Envelope: Why Mail Works
  • The Evolution of Delivery: From Mailbox to Mail “inbox”

Workshop Presentation PDF Download

The NPF will not be distributing presentation material during the workshop sessions.
To access presentation material, click the button below and view or print presentations that are most relevant to you.

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

Tuesday, April 28 (4:00 PM–5:00 PM)

The NPF offers the perfect opportunity to collaborate with your industry peers. Sit down with industry colleagues in small groups to learn and share innovative ideas providing invaluable takeaways you can put to immediate use. Each year there is always something for everyone.

  • Each roundtable is lead by industry and USPS leaders who anchor and facility discussions.
  • Attendees can enjoy the opportunity of attending multiple tables.
  • Please note: Roundtables are typically filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Exclusive TED Talk – Imagining Infinite Futures

2019 attendees experienced an extraordinary TED event! Stay tuned to learn what NPF has in store for 2020!

As life zooms by faster and faster, we strive to make informed decisions and ensure success. Amid endless options, where should we invest our energies and apply our resources? As we scan the horizon for innovation, invention and inspiration, we know there is no opportunity without risk, no growth without evolution. Luckily, we humans revel in all of the above.

Be inspired by exceptional speakers.
Don’t miss this exclusive TED hosted extraordinary event!

USPS Professional Certification Courses

The US Postal Service Certification Program offers an exclusive opportunity for NPF attendees to expand their professional skill and commitment to ongoing education through three comprehensive training courses traditionally only offered through the National Center for Employee Development (NCED) Conference Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Now you can participate in the same courses while onsite at the 2020 NPF.

Upon completion of a multi-session course and passing the final exam, successful participants will receive Official US Postal Service Certification. Participants wishing to take a certification course must choose the option during NPF registration. The integration of NCED Certification courses into the cost of NPF registration (certification exam fees not included) offers attendees the potential for substantial savings over cost of attending both separately.

If you’re seeking opportunities to bolster your professional credentials, try the Official US Postal Service certification courses being offered exclusively at the NPF and choose the course that is best for you.

Learn more about what each course has to offer:

Certified Direct Mail Professional (CDMP)

Direct mail is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. The CDMP course focuses on how to market to your customers and future customers using an omni-channel strategy by leveraging direct mail to its maximum potential.

CDMP has been updated for the 2020 NPF! We have included new sections on Timing, Frequency, Testing and Database Management, as well as many other relevant topics. Successful participants will be able to identify and utilize various tools in several key operational areas:

  • Omni-Marketing Mailing
  • List and Database Management
  • Mailpiece Creation
  • Response Rates
  • Technology
  • Testing
  • Media Attribution

This limited-enrollment course is sponsored by the USPS and was developed by a committee of USPS and mailing industry experts. USPS certification will be achieved upon $160 final exam fee payment and successful completion of the exam.

Download the CDMP daily course schedule below.

2019 CDMP Course Schedule | 2020 coming soon

Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM)

The EMCM course is designed for individuals who wish to develop Mail Center Management skills. The course teaches skills needed to manage more effectively, boost productivity and cut costs. Sponsored by the US Postal Service and developed by a professional committee with representatives from across the mailing industry, this course offers a certified designation that emphasizes professionalism in Mail Center Management. Topics include:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Basic Mail Design
  • Finances
  • People Management
  • Technology
  • Tools and Resources

To earn official certification, participants are required to complete all 14 planned sessions and pass a comprehensive exam at the completion of the course. Limited space is available. Pre-registration is required to reserve your space. A $180 final exam fee applies.

Download the EMCM daily course schedule below.

2019 EMCM Course Schedule | 2020 coming soon

Mail Design Professional (MDP)

The MDP course is centered around effective mail design compatibility and optimizing postage costs through automation. This eight-hour course will be held over Tuesday and Wednesday and includes a comprehensive final review. The MDP certification is a two-year certification that offers a professional designation to all graduates. Topics include:

  • Classes of Mail
  • Processing Categories
  • Barcode Formats
  • Designing Automation Mail
  • Machineable/Non-Machineable Criteria

Limited space is available. Pre-registration is required to reserve your space. A $95 final exam fee applies.

Download the MDP daily course schedule below.

2019 MDP Course Schedule | 2020 coming soon


Onsite USPS Professional Training Certificates

Attendees that participate in 2020 NPF workshops can qualify for a US Postal Service Professional Training Certificate.   Endorsed by the USPS, attendees are rewarded an official USPS Training Certificate for their participation based on how many workshops attended. 

Bronze Certificate
8 workshops
Silver Certificate
11 workshops
Gold Certificate
14 workshops
Platinum Certificate
17 workshops (signed by Postmaster General)

Professional Certificate Applications

2019 USPS Professional Certificate applications will be made available here upon the completion of the 2019 NPF.