2023 National Postal Forum


Monday General Session - PMG Keynote Address

May 22: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Join Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for the Monday morning General Session as he delivers remarks centered around the Delivering for America plan, for putting USPS on a positive trajectory with new opportunities for the mailing and shipping industry. The Postmaster General will update attendees on the progress to dramatically improve on-time delivery, the road to USPS financial sustainability and the multitude of strategies underway to change and improve the USPS delivery network. This engaging talk will showcase some of the organization’s highlights over the past several months, and the upcoming priorities to position USPS, and its customers, well for the future.

The Tuesday General Session is back!  Join us for: Implementing the Transformation at USPS

May 23: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Join USPS Executive Leadership Team members and Officers as they highlight how our service and product offerings will capitalize on USPS changes designed to integrate and optimize mail and package flow, while achieving cost efficiencies for the mailing and shipping supply chain. From suppliers to shippers to mailers and mail service providers, the newly created Sortation and Delivery Centers, the reimagined Regional Processing Distribution Centers, and the projected roll-out for new and additional facilities, will bring clarity to the objectives of USPS network redesign. Learn the goals of network redesign, the integration of new products and services and how this all adds to future growth for you.

Wednesday Attend the PMG Town Hall Meeting

May 24: 915 AM – 10:15 AM

All attendees are invited to join Postmaster General of the United States, Louis DeJoy, in a Wednesday morning town hall meeting. This is a unique opportunity for attendees to bring questions and comments about any of the week’s General Sessions, USPS Officer Led Sessions, or inquiries that relate directly to Delivering for America. Don’t miss this engaging meeting and the opportunity to hear direct feedback from the PMG.

USPS Executive Leadership Team / Officer Presentations

The following 2023 presentations may be subject to change. Presenters will be listed upon availability, as we near our May schedule.

From the Dock to the Door: Beyond Delivery

Retail and Delivery Operations has been a critical component of Postal operations for centuries. Hear how the team is exploring innovations in Delivery Operations. They will discuss the role of the new Sorting and Delivery Centers and the positive impact on USPS Connect Local, as well as how data and analytics have affected delivery to our customers. As our customers and technology have evolved, so have the opportunities to serve our customers beyond delivery.

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Learn How the Postal Inspection Service Protects You and Your Business

With every piece of mail – a birthday card from Aunt Sue; a monthly payment; a bill; or a magazine – there is an expectation that it is going to be delivered. Intact. On-time. And not rifled, read, or stolen. Protecting the mail – your mail — has been the responsibility of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service since its establishment in 1775. At this session, you’ll learn how Postal Inspectors – the USPS’s law enforcement and security branch — investigate mail theft and provide prevention tips to help keep your mail secure. In addition to protecting your mail, Postal Inspectors are responsible for protecting the Postal Service’s revenue. If you’ve ever thought about buying discounted postage advertised online, think again. It might be counterfeit. This workshop will show how Postal Inspectors detect and investigate counterfeit postage scams to protect the Postal Service’s revenue and bottom line. Don’t miss out on how you can help protect your mail and the Postal Service’s revenue.

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USPS Shipping Solutions: Powerful Products, New Solutions, Powered by our Transforming Network

The United States Postal Service has an unrivaled infrastructure enabling your company to efficiently and affordably reach up to 168 million addresses 6 and 7 days per week. Building upon the key Delivering for America network transformation and capital and human resource investments, the US Postal Service is making compelling moves to strengthen and simplify our ground products, increase the reach and value proposition of USPS Connect Local and USPS Connect Regional, improving the shipper and end customer experiences through technology and systems enhancements, and expanding digital tools and features to meet every shippers needs. Join Postal Executives and USPS Award winning customers who will share how USPS created winning solutions to enable the success of their businesses.

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Partnership with the USPS—our Evolution and How our Third-Party Transport and Logistics Suppliers Successfully Navigate the Changes Ahead

Whether you are a recent addition to our network providers list or you have been a legacy partner for decades, business requirements and expectations are rapidly changing at the Post Office in support of the Delivering for America Plan. Service expectations, technology requirements, safety records, portfolio diversification, fuel programs and more are all being enhanced and modernized. These changes will not only provide the Postal Service with improved operational standards but also make it simpler to do business with us in the future. Load tracking, payment, communication and problem resolution will all be progressing toward best-in-class standards. Our preferred partners will need to quickly evolve with us and be prepared to interact using industry standard guidelines. We stand ready to partner with all of our suppliers and help them fully meet our new requirements. In this session, you will learn what our expectations look like as we evolve and how we plan to work our way through the many complexities ahead. We can’t succeed on our mission without you!

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Executing Our Strategy with Precision and A Clear Vision: Our Future Processing Network

Please join us as we discuss the exciting transformation of our mail and package processing network. This will be a great opportunity to hear more on what our future network will look like and how the streamlining and alignment of transportation and processing will achieve an integrated mail and package network, reduce cost, improved yield, extended reach, and enhanced delivery service. We will be sharing the overall strategy and vision of the Network Redesign and how our plants will be transformed into precise, efficient, standardized facilities with improved employee engagement and productivity – enabling financial sustainability and service excellence.

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Direct Mail in a Digital World

Hear from PostalExecutives as they share the newest innovations and strategies in direct mail. Learn how the Postal Service and the marketing industry are leveraging technology to encourage and develop mail integrated marketing campaigns that drive business performance. Find out how the linkage of physical mail with electronic communication can add significant value as they examine the modern-day marketing campaign ecosystem across the entire supply chain. Gain insight about the Postal Service’s innovative digital marketing platform called InformedDelivery which enables shippers and mailers to reach over 50 million customers. Whether you are a mailer, shipper, or both, join us to learn about all the ways you can create a memorable digital experience for your customers. Don’t miss learning about the latest new enhancements as well new solutions that may help shape the future of digital and physical mail.

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One Giant Leap for Small Business Click-N-Ship

Our online shipping platform has received a facelift! Our radically expanded, full-featured, one-stop-shop solution now allows businesses to reach customers in their local community or broader region with the USPS Connect suite of services offering same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery at an affordable price. Plan on attending to learn about our new capabilities, including frictionless onboarding, expanded access to USPS products and contract pricing, unlimited labels, simple integration with marketplaces, and more..

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Sustaining our Future: Pricing & Product Strategies

In this session you will hear how the Postal Service is aligning products and pricing to improve its financial condition and have the opportunity to interact with USPS leadership. Postal officers will delve into factors influencing USPS expenses such as rising inflation, transportation, workforce costs and the headwinds and tailwinds impacting revenue. Learn insights about future pricing, promotions and new products based on customer needs and USPS service features to better engage consumers with the mail and drive higher ROIs.

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Ensuring Supply Chain Availability – Supporting the Mission of the Postal Service

This session will focus on how to do business with the Postal Service, and how USPS Supply Management deploys continuous improvements, new technology and innovative supply chain solutions that provide best value and competitive advantage to the Postal Service. Hear how Supply Management continues to mitigate supply chain disruptions to support the Postal Service in its mission and service to the mailing public. Gain an understanding of how to keep pace with the growing support the Postal Service will need from its Suppliers.

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Transforming the Customer Shipping Experience

USPS remains focused on an exceptional experience for all our customer’s shipping needs. Our customers now enjoy flexible and customized solutions run on a highly performant architecture to support the full shipping lifecycle. Hear firsthand about all facets of the shipping experience with USPS! Our newly redesigned online shipping and API platforms now offer leading-edge features such as immediate merchant onboarding, seamless marketplace and platform integration options, label generation, near-real-time order tracking, Informed Delivery rich-content campaigns, widgets to embed in your web page, webhooks for near-real-time push notifications of tracking events, access to the USPS Connect suite of services offering same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery and more. Join us to experience a simple and convenient way to use our network while receiving the maximum value for your dollar!

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