NPF 2023
Tracks and WORKSHOPS


USPS has made tremendous strides in recent years to incorporate data mining and
analytics in its process improvements. Similarly, innovation and advancements have resulted
in enhanced product and service visibility that elevates the customer experience. This track includes workshops that feature a deep dive analysis on metrics, trends, and technological breakthroughs that have created a path for USPS to advance to the front of the line with its cutting-edge approach to retail, delivery, and more.

2023 Informed Delivery Promotion – How Mail Service Providers can Participate and Profit

The 2023 promotions have been proposed, and in 2023 mail service providers will have more reason than ever to encourage their customers to participate. On top of a 4% discount for mail owners, the Postal Service will be offering a .5% discount for mail service providers. Informed Delivery is a great add-on service for mail service providers to help your customers make their mail more effective. Helping your customers succeed helps the MSP succeed. Discounts just make it even better. In this workshop, we will discuss the benefits of Informed Delivery and how MSPs can promote this service to their customers to save money for the mail owner and the MSP. We will also go into the details of creating your customers’ campaigns, and how to participate in the promotion successfully.

5 Rules for Prepping for a Security Audit

In today’s environment of data breaches and tech failures, understanding what is needed to secure the highest level of security is paramount. For mailers and mail service providers, this means understanding what level of experience is required to pass the numerous types of security audits performed by high-level mailers. GrayHair’s COO/CIO, Jeff Hummel, discusses the obstacles and provides a deep dive into what is necessary to protect customer and client data.

Advanced Expected Delivery Window

Gain an understanding of how USPS is using Machine Learning and forecasting to provide a better delivery experience. These techniques are allowing USPS to make predictions on when a customer’s packages and mail will arrive as well as the status of their package moving throughout network. Opportunities for shipping partners to leverage Advanced Expected Delivery predictions. This workshop will include details on: Advanced Expected Delivery (AExD™), Machine Learning & Forecasting, Updating Predictions, Advantages of having Advanced Expected Delivery Predictions and Steps to incorporate Advanced Expected Delivery Predictions into your existing extract or API processes.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

In this workshop, learn how the USPS takes care of your mail and packages. See more about the various platforms and visuals that the USPS uses to provide insights and information to help drive performance metrics. You will get to see a variety of dashboard formats and how it can be used to identify gaps and opportunities. We’ll show you what’s “on the list” for future analytics and you can engage with the behind-the-scenes personnel who take ideas and bring them to fruition.

Combine Informed Delivery, Informed Visibility, and Addressing APIs to Build Powerful Consumer Applications

OPTiMO leveraged USPS tools available to all to build Informed Greetings. Informed Greetings enables easy creation of personalized digital greetings to send with your physical mail. Give your mail a little something extra by adding a digital image that will accompany the black and white mailpiece shown in the recipient’s Informed Delivery® daily digest email. It provides easy label-printing with IMBs and mail tracking to know exactly when your mail is delivered. It can also be used for small businesses, local election officials, wedding invitations, holiday cards, and many other use cases.

Customizing the Shipping Experience

USPS continues to respond to the explosive growth of e-commerce with flexible shipping solutions! Our new leading-edge, feature-rich API platform provides our customers and partners broad access to our shipping products and solutions with immediate onboarding, seamless integration, unprecedented scalability, and rapid development. We have an API for virtually every need – standardize an address, price a package, create a label, find a USPS acceptance facility, schedule a carrier pick-up for Connect Local Packages, and track a package from entry to delivery. Our partners can accelerate time to value for their shipment solutions by integrating into this evolving and tailorable platform and its expanded feature set: expanded access to USPS products, unlimited labels, contract pricing, manifested returns, webhooks for push notifications, credit card payment, platform and integrator functions, same-day self-service enrollment and more.

Driving Business Intelligence by using IV-MTR and Success Stories from the Industry

Informed Visibility (IV®) provides near-real-time tracking of mail pieces. The value of IV is more than mail-tracking data, it drives true business intelligence. In this workshop, you’ll hear customer success stories about how this powerful platform is used to make better business decisions and improve mail ROI. Come learn how you can get actionable data out of your mailings and campaigns.

Feeling the Need for Speed: New Developer Tools to Streamline Integration

Speed and ease of integration is essential for developer success. Our new state-of-the-art API experience offers unparalleled developer support to empower developers to integrate with USPS APIs quickly and easily. Join us for a journey through the API experience, including its highly performant architecture, new capabilities, and world-class performance benchmarks to ensure speed, security, and availability.

Connecting and Working with USPS Logistics

Come and learn how the USPS is utilizing technology and how your business can integrate into the USPS Logistics System.

In-Transit Visibility for the Post Purchase Parcel Experience

Join us to learn about the USPS’ platform designed to provide “in-transit visibility” and how the platform is used to enhance the post purchase experience. Consumer expectations on in-home dates, visibility and notifications highlights the value of the USPS’ in-transit visibility initiative. More frequent updates are now possible, providing merchants and consumers a best-in-class post purchase experience. Learn how!

Informed Delivery and Commingling: Best Practices for a Successful Campaign

Pitney Bowes has run numerous Informed Delivery interactive campaigns with their own mailings and has helped many customers of all sizes and across many verticals do the same. They will share best practices, lessons learned, and tips to enable you to optimize your participation in Informed Delivery when you use a Commingler or are considering using a Commingler. We will also review how to achieve a postage discount with the Informed Delivery promotion.

Informed Delivery Updates: New Developments in Informed Delivery

This workshop will provide an update on 2022 developments in Informed Delivery and will look forward to plans for 2023. This workshop will focus heavily on the features supporting Package Campaigns, both the how-to and the results of early adopters. The workshop will feature in-depth descriptions of new and planned features, program metrics and success stories from brands who’ve utilized Informed Delivery to promote their products and services. This workshop will be appropriate for both business and technical audiences.

Integrating Security into the Cloud Applications for USPS and eCommerce Partners

Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities continue to rise and advance around the world each day. Now more than ever, protecting the U.S. Postal Service and our mailing partner’s digital assets is paramount to our success. Delivering on our promise to the American people depends on it. That’s why we’re using cutting-edge technologies to secure our cloud applications and advance our mission to connect every household and business across the country. In this interactive workshop, we’ll share real-world case studies, proven innovative solutions, and best practices for protecting digital assets in the cloud from complex threats and sophisticated bad actors.

Mailing Smarter for Better Results Using Data and Analytics to Create Better Response and Conversion

Successful direct mail is engaging, compelling, and relevant. But it often requires investment. How can marketers ensure return on investment when it comes to direct mail? The answer: using data to target high-value customers and prospects, present them with personalized, compelling messaging, and integrate those messages across channels to maximize impact. Direct mail that is integrated across channels and propelled by creativity, data, and analytics, direct mail has enormous potential to drive consumer response. This approach aligns with a number of trends in the direct marketing industry, including: Increasing efforts among marketers to connect direct mail to digital marketing efforts through a data-driven, holistic view of the consumer. – Advancements in data and analytics making it possible to pinpoint prospects with mail in coordination with digital and social media efforts. – Production and personalization technology for direct mail continues to advance, fueling improved targeting, one-to-one messaging, and faster speed-to-market. – Sophisticated postal logistics are giving marketers greater control of mail in-home dates, and tighter coordination of delivery with digital channels. This workshop will explore the strategies, techniques, and technologies now available to create a personalized experience for each prospect and deliver the best return on investment for direct mail campaigns.

Metaverse: Quicker, Faster, Cheaper

Companies are bringing on new seasonal and permanent employees to close capability gaps and upskilling/reskilling existing employees to meet new or rising market demands. However, traditional methods of onboarding and training with lengthy time-to-proficiency and computer-based training create operational challenges and risk employee disengagement. The convergence of experiences, connectivity, and computation provided by augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Metaverse creates opportunities to deliver new ways for employees to collaborate, problem solve and build skills. Potential use cases for using these technologies to support new employees and existing employees include: USE CASE - 1 New Employee Orientation It's imperative that new hires in a warehouse environment get up to speed quickly, otherwise employers face lagging employee productivity, higher risk of workplace accidents, and more operational inefficiencies. Companies use AR/VR or Metaverse to facilitate new hire orientation (e.g., Deloitte is exploring creating a DU onboarding experience in Metaverse). These technologies provide opportunities for new hires to meet their new manager (avatar), explore aspects of their workplace (e.g., dock space, conveyors, and equipment), and view the network (e.g., originating and destination volume, package processing, cross docking, destination entry functions, and other functionality). USE CASE 2 - Existing Employee Learning and Knowledge Sharing in today's economy, there's increased pressure to increase operational efficiencies and reduce expenses - in other words, get things done faster and for less money. More specifically, there's pressure to reduce machine maintenance timeframes, improve incident response times, repair aging machinery, and cut back on overall expenses. Companies also use AR/VR or Metaverse to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst their workforce (e.g., employees can use Metaverse to collaborate on fixing a piece of machinery, practice using a new tool in a virtual environment).

Navigating the Cultural Data Shift with Mail Technology

New mail technology advances offer unique first-party touch-point data that can deliver valuable consumer and campaign insights. Find out how you can use first-party data to successfully reach, connect with, and convert customers.

One Giant Leap for Small Business Click-N-Ship

Our online shipping platform has received a facelift! Our radically expanded, full-featured, one-stop-shop solution now allows businesses to reach customers in their local community or broader region with the USPS Connect suite of services offering same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery at an affordable price. Plan on attending to learn about our new capabilities, including frictionless onboarding, expanded access to USPS products and contract pricing, unlimited labels, simple integration with marketplaces, and more.

Technology Solutions to Minimize Impacts to your Operation as the US Postal Service Implements Network Redesign

Existing historic facility planning data will become less relevant as the USPS rolls out network changes over the next 3-5 years. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to keep up with the technology around the USPS network redesign during those changes using analytics to hone your Inbound and outbound mail and parcel processes.

The Evolution of Innovation and Emerging Technology

Explore how emerging technology and innovation are impacting USPS processes, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience to make USPS the carrier of choice. Discover how QR Codes, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, and even vehicle sensors are enhancing USPS’ mission.

The Quest for Absolute Data Security

With data breaches, hacking incidents and multi-million-dollar fines showing up in news headlines continually, the old days of encryption keys just don't cut it anymore. Learn how to leverage technology in a way that keeps you, your files and your customer's data absolutely secure.


This series of workshops focus on various aspects of professional development, including best practices of great leaders, understanding, and managing personality traits, diversity and inclusion in the workplace to developing and mentoring staff and managing stress. Discover the workshops that will best boost your personal development and leadership skills.

Best Practices of Great Leaders!

Organizations are crying out for effective leaders, and here is your opportunity to taking another step to become one. This workshop will identify and display the proven practices of effective leaders, so come prepared to achieve a new level of leadership excellence. Included will be an overview of the Best Practices from top performing leaders and managers based on recent comprehensive research. Twenty best practices and the Five absolutes to get high performance and results will be shared. Come prepared to learn and to be motivated to achieve a new level of leadership excellence!

Could your Personality Damage your Career

Building and cultivating relationships is an integral part of any career strategy. Understanding our personal strengths and weaknesses act as predictors for success in work life. This workshop will center on developing a better understanding of how our personality impacts our relationship with others at work by examining how we act, feel, think and behave. Through a self-scoring preference profile, learn how your personality influences your behavior, your attitudes, your communication and decision-making process.

Diversity & Inclusion

Experiencing diversity is a part of living in a civilized society. Difference does not equal a right way or a wrong way. Variety can lead to common goals. When leaders understand and encourage the various forms of diversity it creates a stronger, more engaged organization and world.

Finding your Superpower: How to Make an Impact in your Workplace

Ready to identify your Superpower? In this interactive workshop, we plan to help you identify your Superpower that will build on your confidence and strengthen your current role in your workplace. Learn practical tips and methods to focus energy and time to make the most impact. Take this opportunity to join us and leave motivated to succeed!

From Stress to Success

Take time to explore who you are, where you are going and how you will get there. This interactive workshop will teach you a systematic process of self-discovery to help control your life by examining how personality self-fulfilling prophecies and personal expectations impact success. At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will: complete a self-scoring stress profile; develop techniques to identify the stressors of work; identify motivators of success and create a personal vision of success.

Improving and Developing your Staff Through Leadership and Mentoring

Learn from leaders at Harvard University & Mass General on how they have maximized staff performance, while identifying future leaders through training, development and hands on coaching. We will share success stories of how staff have moved up the corporate ladder. Share insights on how we were able to build trust and confidence with our employees. In addition, we will discuss employee buy-in for this program. Come learn the tools needed to help grow your mail operations and share your own success stories.

Keys to Creating Resilience and a Positive Environment in your Operations

Gain knowledge how to take responsibility for your energy and that of others to survive challenges and logistical difficulties. Gain resources to enhance your leadership qualities to experience more positivity all around. Create resilience to provide best practices and implement positive change to ignite your team. Learn about key resources to enhance resilience that allows you to adapt and grow in the face of challenges.

NPF Orientation Session

This special session is a must-attend for first timers or if you have not been to a National Postal Forum in a few years! Learn about the workshops being offered and networking events scheduled over the four days. Don't miss this opportunity to meet peers and find out how to make the Forum experience valuable to you and your business!

Prescription for PCC Health: Diagnosis Revealed

Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) have forged through the pandemic, and like many organizations, it has not been without challenges. Personnel movement, the shift from live events to virtual events, and simply the new ways the mailing and shipping industry does business all have impacted the way PCCs approach maintaining their network. PCCs were asked to conduct self-assessments on their PCC health status in 2022, and this workshop not only presents those findings, but identifies trends, correlations, and solutions that all PCCs can draw from to strengthen their position in their local communities and provide engaging content that not only retains current membership, but also bridges the gap to draw in the next generation of mailers for future growth.

Show Me the Money! Invaluable Contract Negotiation to Obtain TCO.

Identify all elements to obtain the absolute lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Understand manufacturer strategies to increase revenue and avoid the pitfalls of unexpected fines, fees, surcharges and more. Learn useful strategies that show how to put money back into your bottom line.

So I got the Job!

Due to a reorganization, your job in procurement is eliminated. Given that you have 20 years of service at the business you are placed into the job of Director of Mail Services with responsibility to deliver mail and packages to 3,500 staff members in departments spread across three campuses. You will also oversee the university's copier service and bulk mail operations. After the sudden rush of terror and "what am I going to do now"? This workshop will guide mail center manager on how to get one's "feet on the ground" and set your compass in the direction for success. This workshop will guide one from start to finish on the tried-and-true new paths to success.

Strategies to Attract and Retain Essential Talent

The Great Resignation has made attracting and retaining talent especially difficult for the mailing industry. Millennials and Generation Z workforce candidates are seeking new technology, new work/lifestyle balances, and growth opportunities to further their careers. In this workshop, we will explore new automated workflows, recruitment ideas, and mentoring strategies to attract and retain key talent for your mailing operations.

Strength in Numbers: PCC Executive Board Strategies

Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) comprise a grassroots network that provides a channel for business mailers and USPS to build working relationships at the local level to grow mail and solve challenges that they face together. The success of any PCC is dependent on the strength of its executive board and the relevance of its educational content. In this workshop you will not only learn the importance of the executive board positions, but also the need for maintaining a succession plan for future board members to seamlessly take over responsibilities of the exiting executive board members when their terms expire.

Time Management in the Hybrid Work Environment

The post-pandemic hybrid work environment (in-person work, remote work and a mix of both) has us busier than ever. Learn practical tips and methods to focus your and your team’s energy and time to make the most impact.


The workshops in the track will provide attendees with practical insights on how to improve direct mail campaigns. The variety of topics covered include the importance of design, operational expertise, utilizing automation to optimize direct mail messaging to the post-purchase customer journey as well as best practices for developing high-value experiences with omnichannel offerings.

An Effective Direct Mail Campaign is Much More than just a Pretty Mail Piece

Join Dave Krawczuk, Senior Director, Supply Operations, Lob and Paula Stoskopf head of Product Management at Pitney Bowes Presort Services as they take a look at how an effective direct mail campaign is much more than just a pretty mail piece. To drive ROI, both design and operational expertise is a must. Preparing mail isn’t just a single act; there’s a lot of many well orchestrated steps are required. What should the design look like? Does the mail piece format meet guidelines for that mail classification? Is the USPS® documentation, correct? Are quality controls in place to make sure the right person receives the right message? Do your in-home planning tools provide insight on when the mail piece should be mailed? And it’s not only about what your mail piece looks like in the mailbox but think about Informed Visibility®; how does the digital version look? Are you taking advantage of IV to help drive more touches for your targeted message?

Convert Abandoned Website Traffic into Customers

Imagine being able to capture prospects whom abandon your website in real time. In other words if someone visits your website and abandons before purchasing, we are able to capture their physical mailing address. At that time we have the ability to mail these website abandoners within 24 hours. Your prospects will receive a relevant offer from your company 1-2 days after they abandon your website. The response/conversion rates are better than all of their other campaigns when utilizing online data and direct mail.

Creating Connections through Marketing Transformation

Learn how technology and a connected data story can elevate the customer experience, drive sales and build loyalty.

Delivering Messages at the Right Time with Automated Direct Mail

Direct Mail offers the highest response rates of any channel. Automated Direct Mail’s response rates are even higher thanks by triggering messages only when a prospect reaches a certain stage in the purchase funnel or retargeting a website visitor. In this workshop learn how automation can optimize your direct mail messaging.

Designing a Post-Purchase Journey that Elevates the Customer Experience and Builds Brand Loyalty

With rise of e-commerce, more people are receiving packages every day and proactively tracking their shipments. This presents a unique opportunity for the industry to couple direct mail and shipping products with omnichannel experience offerings. One opportunity to do so is in the post-purchase journey. The post purchase journey includes touchpoints like a thank you email, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, unboxing experience, post purchase check-in, product review, product referral, and ends with personalized marketing campaigns. Industry has a unique opportunity to elevate the post purchase journey as part of the shipping confirmation experience. In this experience, USPS can catch customers where they are – looking for tracking information, and work with brands to provide personalized marketing content as part of their tracking experience. This could include tactics like product marketing in notification services or the design of branded tracking pages, just to name a few. In this scenario, customers are delighted by increased visibility and personalized content and USPS is supporting brands through omnichannel offerings and driving revenue / package volumes. USPS is making strides in this direction with experiences like Informed Delivery and PTR. As USPS considers its multi-channel strategy and how to best create value for consumers and brands, additional opportunities to leverage these platforms and others do exist. This workshop will discuss the market trends related to the post-purchase journey and best practices for developing these high value experiences. It will also discuss trends in omnichannel and how USPS can provide these services and win with this strategy.

Digital Marketing with Informed Delivery: Successes with Mail and Digital

Many mailers have adopted Informed Delivery as a part of their omnichannel marketing strategy with great success. During this workshop, we will hear from mailers about the successes they’ve had with Informed Delivery and discuss their strategies. We’ll review the ways that they approach campaign content and how they tie it to the physical mail. During this time, we’ll also talk about how Informed Delivery has driven response rates and improved their overall marketing performance.

Educating the Next Generation of Marketers

In this workshop, learn why investing in Gen Z can marry the stability of mail with the creativity of the next generation.

Enhancing your Direct Mail with Digital Components

Direct mail is still an essential tool in reaching your customers, but many customers today live in a digital world surrounded by digital screens on their phones, their tablets, and their computers. As mail marketers it is important to recognize the change in the traditional mail customer and take advantage of the digital world many consumers live in. Augmented Reality is one way to reach your customers digitally (AR). AR uses a printed trigger, such as a direct mail piece to launch a digital interaction using a software application. The user defined printed trigger is digitally scanned by the app and then activates a digital action that then appears on a screen, e.g., a smartphone or tablet. This interaction can be simple to complex, and can cause a website to be launched, a video to be played, or even launch a 3D image. AR can also be used to gather data on your customers as any time they interact with your direct mail piece digitally, that data can be tracked. AR actions can even be added to existing publications. This workshop will look at the current state of Augmented Reality and how it relates to direct mail and printed material. The workshop will help the audience understand AR and will also provide a basic lesson on how to create an AR interaction. Current research and case studies, along with the future forecast of using AR, will be discussed along with the tracking capabilities of AR apps. The potential benefits of using AR along with the USPS will also be reviewed.

First-Class Mail Success – Maximizing Value

In this workshop learn how current mailers are maximizing the value of using First-Class Mail in marketing campaigns and as communications vehicles.

From Digital to Direct and Back

Getting the most out of your mail - learn a new promotion and the latest technology integrations. Learn about the 2023 Retargeting Promotion and how mailers are using the new larger sized First-Class Mail postcard.

From Online Visitor to Offline Prospect: Using Website Visitor Data to Target this Highly Engaged Audience through Direct Mail

Did you know data from your website traffic can be used to increase mail volumes? Learn how digital and direct mail can work together to expand reach while increasing engagement and conversions. With more personalization for customers, and more audience insights for businesses, direct mail retargeting offers a unique opportunity to know more about your prospects and achieve more in 2023.

Informed Delivery Promotion – A powerful and Unique Direct Marketing Platform!

In this workshop learn how using the Informed Delivery promotion as a powerful and unique direct marketing platform to take your campaigns to the next level.

Ins, Outs and Best Practices of Mailpiece Design / Mailing Requirements from the Industry’s Perspective

Fundamentals class for those new to the Industry or who would like a fresher. Discuss the content and use of the fields in the Intelligent Mail Barcode, Class of Mail and Mailpiece Types, including basic mailing definitions, postage payment methods, indicia formats. Importance of Mailpiece Design to optimize efficiency and postage prices. Introduce Basic functionality of the Business Customer Gateway. Define available resources and QC Practices regarding the production and presentation of mail to the USPS.

Lifting Direct Mail Response with the Power of Digital Integration

Proving effectiveness of direct mail can be a challenge and can often lead to questions as to how well the offline strategy is actually working. Learn how you can eliminate the guessing game with technology integration strategies that allow you to seamlessly track the results of direct mail while enhancing the overall conversion rate by an average of 23-46% with multiple touch points. Discover the power of technology that can identify anonymous website visitors to build 9-18% response rate mailing lists in addition to identifying direct mail recipients who responded and went to the website to prove the effectiveness of direct mail.

Marketing Mail Innovation Showcase

SPC has your back showcasing the latest innovations and techniques in direct mail marketing. This workshop is perfect for creative and marketing folks at any level looking to brush up on the latest best practices, innovative use cases, and fresh ideas that deliver results and bridge the print and online worlds.

Next Generation of Marketers

From education to incentives, listen from students/new professionals to old pros on how products, education and incentives work together to shape the future of mail.

Print + Digital and the Limitations of All-Digital Campaigns in Real-life eCommerce Scenarios

Using real-life case studies and measurements of impact, including Lifetime Value, we gain sobriety surrounding the real-life limitations of digital marketing, including email, and how print not only fills a gap but supercharges digital marketing success. When deployed strategically, catalogs, self-mailers, and postcards provide lift and incremental response beyond what digital provides. The attendee will walk away understanding how a modern, post-COVID marketing approach should include print, how neuroscience is proving the value of print, and how brands must embrace new thinking to thrive in the new world of eCommerce.

Shipping and Mailing: Today's Insights and Tomorrow's Foresights

How do consumers and businesses view their use of mail, packages, and the USPS? What do the trends from the last few years tell us? And are there trends internationally that we should look to as well? Attendees will gain insights to help their businesses look around the corner as they consider future strategies in shipping and mailing to serve their customers and end consumers. The past three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain challenges, and new technology have brought ever-shifting volumes of mail and packages. That has led to businesses utilizing ever-shifting strategies and tactics to attract, retain, and serve customers. At the same time, the USPS, other posts, and private sector companies have begun to redesign their complementary networks and solutions to respond to the market. Join us for a discussion on the latest data around consumer and business preferences and practices. We’ll examine information from: The USPS’s Household Diaries Survey, The Pitney Bowes BoxPoll Project and Various public and industry sources.

The Future of Direct Mail 2023: Marketer and Consumer Attitudes

Join SG360° as they present fresh 2023 data insights from 400 senior direct marketing professionals, and 2,000 U.S. consumers around direct mail’s performance and perceived value. From marketers, learn what role direct mail plays in their current marketing mix, how it’s performing, and its effect on ROI. Plus, see how they are acquiring and using data to drive conversions. Consumer responses reveal how they feel about their daily marketing mail, what kind of approaches do and do not resonate with them, and what they think would make direct mail more useful, sliced by generation and gender.

The State of Direct Mail and Where it’s Going

In the past year, the ANA, Winterberry Group, Measured, NAPCO, Lob, SG360, and the Postal Service have all researched the state of this key medium. This workshop will share why direct mail continues to offer the highest ROAS of any channel, why 84% of marketers who add direct mail to digital channels see improved results, and why many new economy companies have started using direct mail.

Top Trends Affecting International Mailing

Emerging technology is driving some of the biggest changes we’ve seen yet on the global stage. Transportation and supply chain problems have created unusual disruptions. While looking into the future on a global scale is an uncertain proposition, in this workshop, we will tackle the big disruptors and the major regulatory changes for international mailing and customs duties and sales taxes obligations.

USPS Promotion – What's Next for 2023

Discover the opportunities and benefits of leveraging promotions: how to get a discount through using promotions, and how promotions out-perform alternative tactics.

Why Should I Listen to you!

Why should I listen to you! The psychology behind what makes people buy and how direct marketers can capitalize on it. Psychology of Direct Marketing Insight into how the psychology of human behavior applies to direct marketing can provide marketers with powerful techniques to create loyal and generous fans. People believe they are making well thought out decisions, yet almost all decisions to donate are made emotionally - and later justified with rational reasoning. You’ll come away understanding why certain visual images, brands and messages strongly resonate with fans emotionally (and why others do not), how to influence behavior and reach them when they are emotionally available. You’ll learn tools that can completely transform your marketing. On-Time Marketing Advanced technologies and on-time marketing programs provide marketers with the ultimate techniques to reach prospects at the right time and the right place - when they are emotionally most receptive. On-Time Marketing is a simple, yet incredibly effective process that can completely transform your marketing results. We will explore key components of On-Time Marketing, including timing, message consistency and progression, and unification of digital and direct mail.



Orientation Session

RM: 221AB | 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Mark Fallon,

President, The Berkshire Company

Sean Joyce,

President, Omega Consultants

Sean Joyce,

President, Omega Consultants

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This track is where thebest of the best in the mailing and shipping industry maximize their ROI with USPS through industry leading bestpractices on preparation and entry. These workshops will address thelatest information related to the presort process, presort levels, and mail preparation, including bundles. The latest updates forpostal tools will also be presented, including BusinessCustomer Gateway (BCG), Electronic Verification System(EVS), and the Intelligent Mail Small Business Tool (IMsb). If mailing efficiency is your goal, this track is for you.

Address Quality Matters in Parcel Workflow too!

Undeliverable & Return Mail in the eCommerce industry may be costing your organization millions of dollars a year. Much of these losses can be eliminated if you put the right solution in place. In this workshop, you will learn the financial impact of UAA & Returns, which technologies and databases you should leverage to drive savings while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and compliance.

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Address Quality Options and CASS Cycle O

With a focus on CASS (Cycle O), NCOA and ACS this session will cover using the right Address Quality solutions at the right time to yield maximum timely delivery and reduce UAA. It will also stress how there are hidden costs to UAA mail and how important it is to reduce UAA mail.

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Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers Part 1

In today’s mail center environment, managers face daunting challenges – multiple areas of responsibility, disruptive technologies, and changes in the US Postal Service operations and regulations. The talents and skills that got you to where you are today may not be enough to bring you to the next level. Attend this two part workshop and hear from leading speakers in the industry. In Part One, learn how to effectively navigate the US Postal Service organization and regulations, and mail center management.

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Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers Part 2

In Part Two, you’ll learn mail center management trends and technology, as well as additional focus on Management 101 and professional development.

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Business Change of Address, the Who, What, Where, How and Why

Tom Glassman and Pat Vessels from Ricoh USA, will present what happens when you file a Change of Address. This workshop will cover where and how to file the change of address, along with potential tools to use. How the Postal Automated Redirection System works and what happens when you have lots of business names. What should be used to file the Change of Address. What will be forwarded and what will not. We will cover the different classes of mail and Business Reply Mail. How do you validate the move and how long the Forwards are in effect for.

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Digital Mailroom | Align your Organization’s Digital Vision & Strategy

Learn more about our industry leading digital mailroom that is currently serving over 50% of the top 15 financial institutions, as well as energy companies, accounting firms, healthcare providers, non-profits, and local government agencies. By the end of 2023, 90% of worldwide organizations will prioritize investments in digital tools to augment physical spaces and assets with digital experiences. We have a long history of delivering strategic digital mailroom solutions that align with the vision of our diverse client base across the Fortune 1000 space. Learn how our secure, scalable, digital mailroom transforms any physical content into powerful digital assets. Current clients utilize our software solution as their digital hub due to our ability to ingest not only physical mail, but also email and fax into the system. Join us as we discuss how our cloud native digital mail platform removes one of the greatest remaining obstacles to the rapidly transforming shift to remote-work environments – physical content. We digitize virtually all physical content, instantly and securely deliver it to the right users – wherever they are – and can automatically extract data and integrate with existing transaction systems. Whether it’s improved efficiency, greater security or complete operational control, the benefits of digital mail are endless.

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Direct Mail 101: Mailing Made Easy

This workshop is geared toward those with little or no experience in the business of mailing services, including anyone looking to get into direct mail or to add direct mail services to their existing business. The workshop will cover everything you need to know to start offering mailing services, from mailpiece design, using elements such as QR codes and CTAs, postal terminology you need to know, applying for a postal permit and how to prepare political and EDDM mailings. In addition, we will touch on Presorting, CASS certification and NCOALink® as well as general types of postal software and printing equipment required to turn your print shop into a complete direct mail shop!

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Exception Correction: The Quest for the Perfect Address

Nothing is 100%. The perfect address might not be the deliverable address, while other deficient addresses are deliverable. Additionally, due to data issues, such as incomplete address information, data entry errors, and other errors, the results of CASS and NCOA can be negatively impacted or even result in the intended recipient's address being changed to reflect incorrect information. In this workshop GrayHair's addressing expert, Adam Collinson, teams up with Aflac's Kevin Smith to break down these issues and risks to mailers, including fraud, lost opportunity, lost discounts, lost clients, and negative customer experiences. They will provide a deep dive behind these exceptions and what is needed to correct them to meet the needs of the mailer, the recipient, and the USPS.

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Impact of the Envelope

Ah, the lowly envelope - what an impact it actually makes. In this workshop, we’ll cover everything from sourcing strategies, cost containment, machinability & how that ultimately impacts your productivity, messaging to improve openability, and address formatting strategies to ensure optimal delivery.

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Implementing Digital Transformation Initiatives to Automate In-Bound Mail Processing

In bound mail room processing is transforming since COVID. In this workshop learn how to build an automated inbound mail room processing.

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Inkjet’s Role in the Rapidly Blurred Lines of First Class and Standard Mail: A Must Have Solution

New-generation Inkjet Printing Systems are helping print service providers and in-plant operations to grow revenues and create more significant relationships with clients. Learn how the innovations in print quality and media handling are assisting the companies in expanding beyond what they’ve always produced and cross-sell new services and capabilities. Medium-sized operations can leverage these new applications and volumes to improve processes and uncover incremental postal savings.

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Making the Most of the USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS)

EPS provides businesses the ability to view their postage transactions, export reports, and manage accounts in a single portal. This workshop will cover the “nuts & bolts” of how to create, grant access, and manage your EPS accounts. It will also provide the perspective of Mailing Industry EPS users whether they be mail owners or mail service providers. Discussion will include best practices, what’s new in EPS, managing your EPS through Informed Visibility (IV), and other tools & tips to use EPS as effectively as possible. This workshop is intended to be interactive so please come with your questions!

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Managing the Three P's – Paper, Print and Postage

For mailed communications, be it acquisition of new customers or communications with existing relationships, the Three P's are a major impact on the success of failure of the intended message. Especially in the current environment, it is crucial that these key areas be managed with precision. In this session the attendee will hear about strategies for managing these resources, ideas on selecting the best partners, and optimizing your spend. These strategies come from the perspective of veteran print and mail experts with sourcing, print production, and postal strategy backgrounds.

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Maximize Benefits Through Supply Chain Solutions – "CO" Services

Are you taking advantage of all supply chain solutions? Learn the ins and outs of Co-Services such as CoMail, Commingle, Co-Palletization and Co-Transportation. Find out how to decrease postage costs and take advantage of some new USPS container discounts to drive more efficient mail into the USPS network.

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MIDS, STIDS, and IMbs – Decoded

At the heart of Intelligent Mail beats the Intelligent Mail barcode. In this workshop, you will learn about Barcode IDs, Mailer IDs, Service Type IDs, and their importance to your mail pieces. Information in the IMb not only includes delivery routing information, but also includes instructions for the USPS on piece handling, address change and tracking data, and so much more. Join us to learn more about practical IMb planning, strategies for flexibility, and the wealth of information enabled by using the Intelligent Mail barcode.

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Mitigating Mailer Scorecard Mishaps

Electronic documentation, or eDoc as it’s known, is an essential way to reduce USPS operating costs and streamline mail acceptance. However, it also shifts more responsibility and risks onto the mail service provider. If you are struggling with mailer scorecard issues or challenges with submitting mailings to PostalOne!®, then this workshop is for you!

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Navigate the Waters of the Data Lake

Understanding how to build, maintain, and use the best mailing list possible. During this workshop we will discuss the differences between data sources. Often the sources of data are referred to a Zero, First, Second, and Third Party data. These data sources combined help marketers create data to be used in their "data lake". This data is what is used to create highly personalized direct mail.

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Not your Average Letter, Stand Out with the TED-C Design

Learn how to stand out in the mailbox with the latest in design options for automation letters- the Trailing Edge Die-Cut (TED-C).

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Periodicals Applications for Dummies – How to Prepare for the Eligibility Audit

Join experts from the Pricing & Classification Service Center for a guided tour on the Periodicals application and authorization process to ensure you have the documentation required to pass a periodicals eligibility audit. We will also discuss how to apply for Periodicals authorization, and what happens if you are approved or denied.

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Protecting Mailing Service Revenue. A Shared Responsibility.

All members of the $1.6 trillion mailing industry, including Mail Service Providers, Postage and Label Providers, eCommerce Platforms, Technology Providers, Logistics Companies, US Postal Service, Mailer, and Consumers are responsible for securing US Postal Service and industry revenue. Criminal actors are currently using sophisticated techniques to defeat identity controls, to create counterfeit postage indicia and shipping labels, to take over accounts, and to exploit loopholes in policies and procedures … all to mail for free. Today, our industry revenue chain is vulnerable to loss, impacting us all. Legitimate mailers can lose business to companies offering discounted rates because of criminal activity. The US Postal Inspection Service will lead a panel to share lessons learned and revenue assurance controls, that will protect the future viability of revenue across the industry.

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Rediscovering the Value of Today’s Presort

Join this panel workshop to rediscover the value of presorting mail, including the evolution that led to today’s presort, the value it brings to mail users, service providers, the USPS and mail recipients, and thoughts from industry experts on what “next generation” presort could look like. With a focus on First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail, this session will help both companies that may not presort today to see the value in doing so, as well as companies on the cutting edge of presort technology and innovation to start thinking about what the future could bring.

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Seamless Acceptance and Informed Visibility Work Together

Commercial mailers are now beginning to take integrates Seamless Acceptance into their operations. There are significant benefits – improved workflow, easier mail induction, and a postage discount – but there are also significant challenges. Undocumented mail is a constant worry among many mailers, and Seamless doesn’t really confirm for your customers that all the mail was mailed. Integrating Informed Visibility with it can help you take advantage of Seamless, while mitigating the challenges. Use Informed Visibility with Seamless to document mail dates for your customers, investigate undocumented assessments, and keep better control of your mail induction process. Of course, this is in addition to all the other benefits of mail tracking with Informed Visibility you already enjoy. This workshop will provide specific examples and processes you can use to make your mailing operations better today.

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Shipping + Mail Working Together

The pressure is on for businesses to meet rising consumer expectations. By aligning priorities and goals, logistics and marketing departments can deliver a more seamless, and satisfying experience across the customer journey. Working together, logistics and marketing teams can help meet and even exceed today’s consumer expectations, boost acquisition and drive retention. Find out how working together and leveraging data and mail channels can create new opportunities that drive customer retention and growth.

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Spotlight on Saturation Mail

Saturation mail is an inexpensive way to communicate your direct mail messaging. Learn more about how the US Postal Service is helping mailers take advantage of this advertising vehicle through its promotions and product offerings.

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Spotlight on Special Services

Providing an overview of the value special services bring to businesses and consumers and educate attendees on the benefits they provide.

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Supplier Proposal Evaluation & Best Value Selection

Attend Supply Management's Proposal Evaluation & Best Value Selection workshop to learn how sourcing teams evaluate and select best value proposals. Senior Commodity Managers will share evaluation factors and provide tips on how to respond to issued solicitations and request for information (RFIs). Get tips on how to prepare your proposal, highlight your strengths and learn what to expect if you are invited to present your proposal or provide a demonstration.

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Technology/Payments; Adjustments, Refunds, and Reconciliations

Learn about the latest enhancements and process improvements surrounding commercial payment reconciliation.

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The Last Yard – How to Manage Your In-Building Logistics

Over the past two years, many companies have made considerable investments in gaining more visibility over their last mile logistics, but only some have considered what happens during the last yard - when items are dropped off on your receiving dock. This workshop will discuss new technology and workflow improvements to improve package deliveries within your facility or campus.

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The Top Supply Chain Challenges for Mailers

Attend this workshop to hear tips and learnings from a panel of mailers and shippers on how they faced labor, logistics and paper shortages and price increases. Keeping transportation costs down. Sourcing consistent, reliable carrier capacity. Finding and keeping skilled, dependable labor force. Paper supply restrictions and moratoriums and Keeping up with customer/industry demands.

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Treating Return Mail with the Care it Deserves

So much care, creativity and compliance go into the mailing process. From address hygiene, quality control processes, planning delivery windows to tracking mail through the supply chain. But what happens when the mail piece you invested in doesn’t make it to the intended audience? Does it just sit in a closet and gather dust? Or does the process you use today seem cumbersome and expensive? Join us as we provide tips on how to get organizational alignment on your return mail goals. We will then walk through the options and considerations as you develop a solution to reach those goals. We will help you understand the practical application of digital options such as Secure Destruction and ACS™ and explore the impact of utilizing these solutions.

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Using USPS Tools as a Cost-Effective Solution for List Hygiene

Address quality is a critical factor in getting your message to your customer. From mailing promotions and invoices to product fulfillment, the quality of the address is paramount. Using address quality tools from the USPS to help standardize, validate, and update your addresses will help improve deliverability and reduce costs. This workshop will use real world examples on how to reduce Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) and improved the bottom line.

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This track offers a variety of educational workshops from how to improve the customer
experience, streamlining the international shipping process, implementing tracking and visibility solutions to anticipating trends in the transportation sector and what to expect within the next
12 months. Included are workshops providing information on the various services and options available from USPS, including parcel lockers, self-service kiosks, and how to design solutions leveraging USPS’s unrivaled network.

Cross-Border eCommerce Trends

Hear about the latest developments, trends and drivers shaping cross-border eCommerce, as well as global insights into consumer preferences and experiences.

Customer Experience and Growth: USPS Solutions you can Leverage to Improve your CX and Grow your Business

Learn about how USPS is making it more convenient to do business with us from label delivery, to parcel lockers, to carrier pickup, to Label Broker, self-service kiosks, to our 30K convenient located retail stores to USPS Connect Local.

International: Global Shipping Software

Learn how our Global Shipping Software (GSS) can help streamline the international shipping process.

International: Go Global with USPS / International Shipping

Learn about the international shipping solutions from the US Postal Service that can help you "Go Global" and grow your business.

Package Trackology and Visibility with 2D IMpb and VeriPoint

Some packages formats can result in distortion of label barcodes while being processed on automated equipment. Adding the 2D IMpb to shipping labels increases the readability, cuts down on reworking of the mail, and improves visibility and tracking for customers, resulting in reduced call center activity. Sometimes the receipt of a delivered event in the tracking history of a package is not enough to challenge customer claims of non-delivery. USPS VeriPoint™ is the Postal Services’ solution to a quick matching assessment of the scanning device geocoordinates to the physical address geocoordinates at the time of delivery. Some packages formats can result in distortion of label barcodes while being processed on automated equipment. Adding the 2D IMpb to shipping labels increases the readability, cuts down on reworking of the mail, and improves visibility and tracking for customers, resulting in reduced call center activity. Sometimes the receipt of a delivered event in the tracking history of a package is not enough to challenge customer claims of non-delivery.

Shipping Industry Trends: Inventory Positioning and Returns

Retail and Commerce Trends: Businesses are continually evolving their business models to meet customer demands while managing their own bottom line. In a time of high inflation, tight transportation markets, and post COVID shopping behaviors, businesses are adapting how they meet their customer needs. See how USPS Connect fits in and find out what this means for businesses in the future. Return Trends: Amid rising returns volumes, retailers are most worried about the cost of returns, yet retailers also say they don’t want their return policies to scare away consumers. Unfortunately, consumers think returns are already too hard. Pitney Bowes will share new consumer and retailer data to show how consumer preferences have shifted and continue to change, and the tactics retailers are implementing in response. Bottom line, retailers need to offer more choices. Get a practical roadmap to help your business adapt.

USPS Solutions: Affordable USPS Shipping!

USPS Solutions: Affordable USPS Shipping!

USPS Solutions: Fully Leveraging the USPS Network for your Shipping Solutions

In this workshop learn about the USPS network assets and about the solutions USPS can design for you leveraging our unrivaled network of 640K employees delivering to 163M addresses 6-days per week.

USPS Solutions: Returns Solutions

Learn how USPS can enhance your returns process by leveraging our technology, processing facilities, transportation, and delivery network. Learn about the latest enhancements to our returns solutions.

USPS Solutions: Shipping Hazmat/Dangerous Goods (Domestically and Internationally)

Transportation of HAZMAT and dangerous goods is an integral part of transportation safety globally. Learn how USPS is implementing new safety measures to keep operational and transportation networks safe.

USPS Solutions: Solution Development Live Demo

Learn how USPS develops shipping solutions using your data and our network. Join the Solutions team to learn about the latest solutioning advancements.

USPS Solutions: USPS Connect

Learn about the latest enhancements and features in the USPS Connect suite of products: USPS Connect National: Ground, Priority Mail, Returns, Pallet Priority Mail. USPS Connect Regional, USPS Connect Local, USPS Connect eCommerce and USPS Connect Deferred Delivery.

USPS / Customer Workshops: Ask the USPS Solutions Experts

Join us for a panel discussion on pre-sale solutions, technical integration, and on-boarding.

USPS / Customer Workshops: Planning for Seasonal and Peak Season Shipping

Learn about key partnership activities that are integral for PEAK success to include advanced preparation for extra pickup, volume projections, and mail transport equipment ordering.