Charlotte Convention Center, NC | May 21-24, 2023

Education Tracks & Workshops

Delivering Innovative Technology

Creating Your New Digital Marketing Channel with Informed Delivery Package Campaigns

Package Campaigns provide a new opportunity for personalized customer engagement to merchants shipping with the Postal Service. Now available through an online portal and an API back end. Package campaigns let merchants create messages for individual packages. During this workshop, the Informed Delivery team will discuss the specifications for image creation and content, data needed to create package campaigns, and the data resulting campaigns. This workshop is appropriate for business users of Informed Delivery.

Bernard Fedor, Assurety Consulting & Solutions, Inc
Fernando Mello, USPS

How MSPS and Mail Owners can Utilize IV and ID Data to Improve ROI on their Marketing Budgets

The workshop will describe the basics of Business Intelligence and Visualization in non-technical terms to the mailing and shipping community. The workshop will also share use cases on how mailers and mail owners can improve customer insights, improve targeted marketing by utilizing the Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery data.

Bob Galaher, NAPM
Shariq Mirza, Assurety Consulting & Solutions, Inc.

Informed Delivery Program Update: Review and Forecast

Join the Informed Delivery Team to discuss where we’ve been in the last twelve months and where we’re going in the next twelve. During this workshop, we’ll share the latest user and mailer statistics, talk about participant demographics data, and review the outcomes of testing for our recent innovations in Informed Delivery. We’ll also provide insights into current development initiatives, including Package Campaigns and campaign submission via API. Finally, we’ll offer a glimpse into what’s being planned for 2023, including streamlined tools for smaller mailers and shippers. This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in an overall snapshot of Informed Delivery trends and objectives.

Bob Dixon, USPS
Fernando Mello, USPS

Measure What You Treasure

Attend this workshop to learn why keeping and increasing the amount of mail in service performance measurement is beneficial to you and your customers. Learn what you can do to make sure your mail is included in measurement, understand the common exclusion reasons and how to prevent them, and why quality and accurate mailer documentation matter.  Learn how to access and utilize the new external Service Performance Measurement (SPM) Exclusions by CRID tool to view data about your mail so you can investigate resolutions for identified exclusions. Take the time to engage with the experts in this informative workshop and walk away with valuable insights on how to measure what you treasure.

Wayne Palmiter, USPS
Arslan Saleem, USPS

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

The Postal Service offers generous incentives to lower the per-piece cost mailing commercial letters and flats as well as electronic options to make the process easier. In this workshop learn the processes and systems required to ensure a great experience with commercial mail. The Postal Service is consistently improving options for commercial mailing through electronic programs such as Full-Service, Seamless Acceptance, and the Enterprise Payment System. These programs harness vast amounts of data, which allow customers new insights into their mailings and provide for greater control over payment as well as the ability to deposit money electronically. This workshop will guide you through the steps for today’s streamlined commercial mail, in order for your organization to be successful in leaving the era of hard copy statements and manual processes behind.

Michael Filipski, USPS
Randy Workman, USPS

Where to Begin: Bringing an Offline Touch to an Online Experience

Getting started connecting your direct mail to an online experience can be a process full of “where to start questions”. In this workshop we will provide an overview of several opportunities where you can increase the response rate on your direct mail. It is proven a multi-channel approach and follow up can significantly increase the response rate. With the incentive discounts available from the USPS these strategies can also help reduce your postage bill. The discussion will provide a high-level introduction to Informed Delivery, QR Codes, Retargeting, Smart speaker technology, and enhancing direct mail with email.

Jon Bowman, Salem One, Inc.

Customer Data: Your Greatest Tool or Hindrance

In today’s economy, customer data should be KING. Yet, with approximately forty million Americans moving annually, it can also be your greatest challenge. Learn which tips and tricks can help ensure the integrity of your organization’s data. This workshop will talk about the various data sources and techniques beyond address correction that are available to you; managing multiple address types, to address, email, and phone verification to better refine your mailing lists and focus in on reaching your ideal customer.

Christine J Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions
Scott Holton, Progressive Insurance
Mark Rheaume, Ricoh USA

Implementing Digital Transformation Initiatives to Automate In-Bound Mail Processing

As companies have gone to a remote work force the in bound mail hasn’t stopped. Companies have struggled delivering communications to the remote workers on a daily basis and have also struggled maintaining employees. In this workshop, learn new solutions and technologies to help provide communications to the remote workers by means of email or any type of electronic transmission. This will keep the business running and create a manageable mail center as we move forward.

Kevin Goss, Postal Source

Innovative Technology Driving the Future Postal Service

Take a look behind the curtain at innovative technology solutions driving the future of the Postal Service. From artificial intelligence to virtual agents to computer vision to self-service, this session will focus on some of the technology enhancing USPS’ mission and customer experience as well as provide a behind-the-scenes peek at how USPS is leveraging core technologies such as identity services, addressing and geospatial to create new opportunities to serve government, business, and the American public.

Sachin Agarwal, USPS
Peter Klausner, USPS
Jeff Tackes, USPS

Power your Clients' Direct Response Campaigns with Predictive Analytics

Take the guesswork out of campaign performance! Predictive Analytics enables direct marketers to determine precisely which prospects to target for the highest response possible. In this workshop, we’ll share real-world examples of marketers that leveraged Predictive Analytics to improve campaign response by up to 26% and experienced long-term success, campaign after campaign.

Sean Kellum, AccuData Integrated Marketing

Technology Initiatives that Drive Address Quality

In this workshop, learn how USPS is driving Address Quality by optimizing Delivery Point Sequencing, redefining Preferred Last Line practices and leveraging Mobile GPS Device technology. 

Elizabeth Flake, USPS

The USPS API Ecosystem: Connect and Grow

The USPS Connect platform simplifies interactions and promotes a seamless, secure, and interconnected delivery experience for customers to digitally connect and transact with the USPS for their shipping solutions. The USPS is fostering greater community innovation via an API ecosystem that leverages a robust set of tailored capabilities and features such as labels, visibility, pricing, pickup and drop-off intelligence, address validations, etc. The USPS is accelerating solution development to increase flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs, reduce customization of backend services with direct integration options for eCommerce businesses, platforms and marketplaces as well as support open standards and seamless entry for developers.

Garrett Hoyt, USPS
Jerry Wheeler, USPS

Delivering the Infrastructure of the Future: How 5G Keeps you Connected Down to the Last Mile and Beyond

As the world around us continues to change rapidly, it’s important for organizations – including USPS to find innovative ways to modernize their operations, drive efficiencies and reduce spend. The next era of business transformation requires new technologies and digital tools that can help automate systems and provide near real-time communication based on data driven insights. A Transportation & Public Sector Industry Segment Advisor will share how the right 5G network can provide the infrastructure needed to support best-in-class solutions while providing the security, support, and consistent unlimited connectivity that every organization needs. Learn more about how the right 5G network can enable telematics, asset tracking and fleet management solutions that will keep you connected down to the last mile and beyond.

Shawn Corey, T-Mobile
Wayne Corum, T-Mobile

Informed Delivery and Commingling: How to Make Everything Work as Intended

Numerous companies have taken advantage of Informed Delivery interactive campaigns with great success. In this workshop, hear from a company as they share their successes and how they helped many customers of all sizes across multiple verticals do the same. They’ll share best practices, lessons learned, and tips to enable you to optimize your participation in Informed Delivery even if you are using or considering a Commingler. They’ll also review how to achieve a postage discount with the Informed Delivery promotion, including ample time for Q&A.

Steve Krejcik, Pitney Bowes
Paula Stoskopf, Pitney Bowes

Leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

In this workshop, learn how USPS is leveraging responsible AI and ML to improve safety, increase operations and transportation efficiency. All while improving customer experience. Learn how these capabilities impact your business and how you can help improve them.

Dan Houston, USPS
Earl Johnson, USPS
Ernest Onody, USPS

Seamless Acceptance and Informed Visibility Work Together

Commercial mailers are now beginning to take advantage of Seamless Acceptance – improved workflow, easier mail induction, and a postage discount. Integrating Informed Visibility with it can make it even better. Use Informed Visibility with Seamless Acceptance to document mail dates for your customers, investigate undocumented assessments, and keep better control of your mail induction process. Of course, this is in addition to all the other benefits of mail tracking with Informed Visibility you already enjoy. This workshop will provide specific examples and processes you can use to make your mailing operations better today.

Lisa Bowes, Snailworks
Dave Lewis, Snailworks

The Answer is Cloud-Powered Postal Data

If you are a data company, and you face the reality that every company is a data company, the migration from an on-premise environment to the cloud can appear to be a monolithic endeavor. Moving to the agility and malleability of a cloud service, such as AWS, can be the difference between corrupted customer data and having the forward-looking features and functionality that allows an organization to move to a new and better horizon. Postal data has been growing year after year for the past decade. The number of data points, insights, and intelligence housed is game-changing intelligence. Data needs to be protected in a single location where it can gain a rigorous defensive system and manage the privacy of different clients, different customer sets, and more. In this workshop learn right questions to ask your IT team and the correct answers to understand how this massive change needs to begin now.

Jeffrey Hummel, GrayHair Software

Where’s My Mail? Creating Business Efficiencies and Customer Engagement with Informed Visibility®

Informed Visibility®(IV®) provides near-real-time tracking of mailpieces. The value of IV is more than mail-tracking data, it drives true business intelligence. In this workshop, you’ll hear customer success stories about how this powerful platform is used to make better business decisions and improve mail ROI. Come learn how you can get actionable data out of your mailings and campaigns.

Angelo Anagnostopoulos, GrayHair
Steve Jones, USPS

eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success

Adapting to Ever-changing Consumer Habits by Improving Technology

Over the past 24 months, the eCommerce market has experienced a huge shift in consumer buying at an accelerated rate few expected or planned for. During this workshop, we will explore the impact of the global pandemic and how it is changing consumer behaviors. As consumer habits change, this influences every aspect of eCommerce, including, marketplaces, D2C, brand loyalty, logistics and returns. Learn how technology companies are quickly and efficiently providing the tools necessary to keep up with the ever-changing eCommerce environment.

Amine Khechfé, Endicia

Fulfillment Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Third party fulfillment has been a topic that has garnered a great deal of attention during the pandemic. Long a tool for shippers when volume became unwieldy, it is now being used to locate inventory closer to end consumers, among many other reasons. This workshop will explore the growth of fulfillment providers, trends to watch in 2022 and beyond, including microfulfillment, kitting/bundling, local delivery/same day, how to segment inventory for the right channels and a host of other trends and criteria shippers should use when selecting a fulfillment provider.

Krish Iyer, Auctane

Latest and Greatest Innovation in Postal Technology

Discover what the industry is doing today to stay on top of the accelerating eCommerce market. Anyone who wants to continue improving the customer experience they offer to their online shoppers will want to attend this valuable workshop. This session will offer a high-level summary of key technology advances by the USPS professionals who manage them.

Augustin Ceyrac, Co-Founder, EasyShip
Matthew Melvin, ChitChats
Tiberiu Motoc, International Bridge, Inc. (Panel Moderator)
Peter Klausner, USPS

Package Trackology 2022

Learn the latest about USPS Tracking enhancements and how this intelligence is progressing towards the future. Gain an understanding on various features that improve the customer experience and value.

Juliaann Hess, USPS
Nicole Wilson, USPS

The Benefits of a Commercial Payment System for Package Services

Attend this workshop and hear the advantages of mailing packages with the United States Postal Service using a commercial payment system. We’ll discuss the systems and tools that will support and help grow your package business. We’ll also share new technologies that will enhance the Package Mailer’s Customer Experience.

John Gregory, USPS
Kellie Painter, USPS

USPS Connect Returns

A growing segment of today’s customer experience is the returns process. In fact, most customers agree the way retailers handle returns influences whether they will purchase from that retailer in the future. This workshop will examine the process of USPS Connect Returns, how USPS services make it easy for customers to return products so they keep coming back, and how retailers can restock and resell even faster.

John Gregory, USPS
John Samuels III, USPS

Consumer Perspective – Returns are Hard: How Technology and Open Network can Solve their Pain

Everyone – customers, retailers, small business shippers, carriers – can all agree that eCommerce returns are a major and growing problem. From the customer’s perspective, there are a lot of options which can be confusing, overwhelming, and down-right annoying when you have multiple returns at the same time, often with a less than great customer experience. This workshop will focus on how the industry can effectively and efficiently solve this problem from the point of view of the customer by embracing an open network of returns. The speaker will share customer stories, current practices, and discuss the technology that exists today to support an open network for returns and how it can solve the return pain points.

Gary Winter, Quadient Inc
Veronica Wolf, Quadient Inc

How E-Tailers Have Helped Customers Cope

Covid-19 has altered how the entire globe transacts and trades. This workshop will touch on and present case studies on: how the adoption of modern software usage has accelerated tremendously during the pandemic, enabling retailers that were forced to shut down store fronts to sell online and over the phone; companies that shifted their entire business line; B2B shifts to B2C; and the elder population being forced to stay indoors yet still stay connected with their social groups and families.

Amine Khechfé, Endicia

New Data Requirements For Cross-Border Shipping in 2022

This workshop will feature current US Customs officials and cross-border shipping experts from the public and private sectors. Learn about new approaches to pre-clearance that reduce the amount of transit time consumed by the clearance process, and the uncertainty associated with cross-border delivery, by carefully assessing the character of the merchandize being shipped – before the shipment leaves the warehouse.

Shoshana Grove, International Bridge
Thomas Overacker, CBP
John Wagner, Safe Package

Package Visibility and Barcoding Innovations

Attend this workshop and learn how to attain optimal visibility of your packages by practicing some key techniques and by using a two-dimensional barcode on your shipping labels. You’ll learn the relationship between labels and package visibility and labeling tips. You’ll also learn about USPS’ 2D Barcode pilot; what it means for visibility and what it means for shippers. We’ll also discuss how shippers can utilize 2D barcodes on their labels as well as exploring additional possibilities with 2D barcodes.

Peter Klausner, USPS
Josen Punnosse, USPS

The Ever-Changing Landscape of eCommerce

The rise of eCommerce is the greatest agent of change in our industry. As more consumers adopt online shopping, the battle to offer the best customer experience has escalated. Faster and more flexible delivery options are on the rise while pressure to deliver in shorter timeframes challenges shippers to rethink their strategy. See how consumer attitudes toward shopping online are changing and how retailers and carriers alike are adapting their approach to provide the most value at the lowest cost.

Koraima Alzate, USPS
Kriti Vichare, USPS
Doug Wiggins, USPS

USPS Expedited Packaging Supplies

Success in business is often defined by the bottom line. The bottom line with shipping is that supplies come at a cost which impact profits. Free is always a great price point to generate solutions for your shipping business needs. Come learn more about how USPS Expedited Packaging Supplies can help you reach your bottom line and the requirements for obtaining them.

Jon Goodrich, Victory Packaging
Jim Lee, USPS

Does Your Returns Strategy Line up with Consumer Preferences?

Join us for a workshop on the challenges of meeting consumer preferences around returns. We’ll share the latest poll research, which shows how consumer preferences have shifted and continue to change during the Covid pandemic. How does your return strategy line up with delivering a great customer experience? How do you do this cost-effectively? It turns out that you need to offer more choices and we provide a practical road map for leveraging the USPS to help your business adapt.

Vijay Ramachandran, Pitney Bowes

Last but Certainly Not Least: Why the Last Mile is a Hotbed for Innovation

As eCommerce volumes continue to grow year-after-year, the importance of the last mile has become more evident. Across the industry, there has been a focus on innovations to improve the last mile of deliveries: from apps for delivery recipients, to futuristic drones and self-driving vehicles. This workshop will discuss why the last mile is spurring innovation and what this means for different technologies and models.

Josh Knight, Deloitte
Greg Lowell, Deloitte

Package Payment Platform

The USPS delivers more than a package — we deliver the information our customers need. The USPS provides the package marketplace with improved service, better visibility and more useful package data. Package-level detail is captured throughout the USPS delivery network (from package entry to final delivery) to provide automated calculation of postage and enterprise payment. Customers may use this data to plan their own operations and make better decisions about how to use their resources.

Garrett Hoyt, USPS

Real-Time Package Tracking

Where is my package is one of the most frequently asked questions of any customer? With the use of modern IoT tracking tools, we can answer that with even greater granularity than the usual package scans. Join us in this workshop as we take you through the process of real-time package tracking.

Bob Dixon, USPS
Ryan Luckay, Deloitte

USPS Connect Regional

Many customers say the delivery experience directly impacts their decision to shop with a merchant again in the future. USPS Connect Regional provides solutions for these delivery needs.  Learn more about the power of regional entry points – Network Distribution Centers, Plants and Hubs – to reach your customers in one to two days.

Devin Qualls, USPS

USPS Connect

This workshop will elaborate on the set of four delivery solutions that are a part of USPS Connect and how they have been designed to meet the evolving needs of all businesses.

Steve Jarboe, USPS

Value Add Opportunities to Increase Package Visibility and Decrease Fraud.

Learn about value-added services the USPS is currently working on to provide increased package visibility, digital delivery verification, and early potential fraud detection. Programs include: Advanced Expected Delivery™, USPS VeriPoint™, USPS Tracking Plus™ and VeriPoint Plus Fraud Detection APIs.

Matthew Dodd, USPS

Leadership & Professional Development: Characteristics of Success

Best Practices of Great Leaders

Organizations are crying out for effective leaders, and here is your opportunity to taking another step to become one. This presentation will identify and display the proven practices of effective leaders, so come prepared to achieve a new level of leadership excellence. Included will be an overview of the Best Practices from top performing leaders and managers based on recent comprehensive research. Twenty best practices and the Five absolutes to get high performance and results will be shared. Come prepared to learn and to be motivated to achieve a new level of leadership excellence!

Wes Friesen, Solomon Training & Development

From Stress to Success

Take time to explore who you are, where you are going and how you will get there. This interactive workshop will teach you a systematic process of self-discovery to help control your life by examining how personality, self-fulfilling prophecies and personal expectations impact success. At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will: complete a self-scoring personal stress profile; develop techniques to identify the stressors of work; identify motivators of success; create a personal vision of success.

Sean Joyce, Omega Consulting

Leading and Mentoring During Challenging Times

In this workshop, we will cover how even in stressful times you can still successfully lead and mentor your mail services staff. We’ll review policies and procedures for mail center operations and what we’ve added since going through the pandemic. We’ll further discuss the strengths needed for a good manager to succeed during a major crisis, and how even a strong manager can near a breaking point. These last couple of years have been challenging so we will be stressing the positives over the negatives. By talking about lessons learned we will identify flaws in our operations and what changes we made to improve them.

James Burns, Mass General Hospital
Betsy Shortell, Harvard University Mail & Distribution Services

Postal Customer Councils and the Next Generation of Mailers

As we enter the post-pandemic phase of the last few years, the mailing and shipping industry has experienced significant changes in the way it does business, and the people that it does business with. Logistical restructuring, telework scheduling, and mass retirements have permanently altered our infrastructure. Come learn how the Postal Customer Councils (PCC) are playing a pivotal role in maintaining the strength of our community through its network, and what you can do to ensure that the next generation of mailers take our industry to new heights.  We are rebuilding our success by working together, come find out how you can help.

Joe Banks, Consolidated Postal System, USMC
Sharon Barger, USPS
Judy Caldwell, USPS
Kathy Hall, ATIME4Marketing
Katrina Raysor, USPS

Customer Experience's (CX) Next Horizon: Human Experience (HX)

Human beings commonly crave enduring experiences that connect them. In recent years, technological developments have enabled us to connect in new and amazing ways never previously possible, and yet, have left us feeling less…human. Come learn about the new frontier of CX – HX – and how mail and parcels can elevate the “human experience” by creating and fostering more human connections in an overly digital world. Understanding CX impacts can aid decision-making regarding the cost/benefit analysis of improvements to services provided, from payment policies, to fulfillment processes, to issue resolution, and ongoing loyalty/relationship optimization.

Imelda Bruce, USPS
Eric Cawley, Deloitte
Josh Knight, Deloitte

Improving PCC Member Participation

Successful PCCs need active participation of members from all levels. Unless people are directly involved, they don’t know what your PCC needs. If we don’t ask people, we can’t expect them to participate. What’s the best way to get volunteers? Ask people – directly. Do you want people to join the PCC? Call them up and ask them. Do you want people to join the board? Ask them. Do you want people to participate in committees? Ask them.   It isn’t always easy to be direct.  It’s just the best path to success.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Lewis Johnson, USPS
Suzi Oswald, SeaChange
Da Shiek Woodard, USPS

Leading in the New World

Socrates comes to the National Postal Forum! This workshop is centered on you and your skills as a leader in this ever-developing world of change. The presenters will answer your questions on: Learning new ways of communicating, Embracing new opportunities and attitudes toward work, Developing a sense of emotional safety, Building inclusive and connected hybrid teams, and Owning your own destiny.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Sean Joyce, Omega Consulting


The Invisible Network Strategies of Successful People: Counterintuitive Ways to Innovate, Execute and Thrive at Work

Understanding the Basics of Human Social Networks and their role in leadership development, this workshop introduces the concept of network perspective: what it is, why it matters, and how to develop it. We’ll discuss how developing a network perspective can foster learning, growth, and change for individuals, groups and organizations. People with network perspective understand the dynamic web of connections that have an impact on their work, their leadership, and the leadership culture of their organization. They can identify patterns of relationships and people in their personal network and the broader organizational network that will foster strategic success—and those that will inhibit or undermine it.

Paul Flatin, Deloitte

Direct Effect Ambassador Program: You Can Make an Impact

This fast-paced program will give you everything you need to know on how you can impact the next generation of Direct Marketing Professionals. We will discuss goals for the program, resources available, and formal online training. Take this opportunity to join us and recruit the next generation.

Glen Swyers, Classic Graphics – Imagine!

Keys to Building Great Workplaces

An organization will only achieve its fullest potential when people are engaged and inspired to do their best work. Research shows highly engaged employees on average are 50% more likely to exceed expectations than the least engaged workers. Companies with highly engaged people outperform organizations with the most disengaged workers – by 54% in employee retention, 89% in customer satisfaction and by nearly 2 to 1 in financial performance. How do we create great workplaces that maximize our employee’s engagement and potential – and the potential of the larger organization? In this workshop we will explore recent research and 15 imperatives to build great work places that will inspire our people and help them achieved their fullest potential.

Wes Friesen, Solomon Training & Development

On Becoming My Better Self

This workshop is designed to teach the principles which make up self-esteem, confidence and self-actualization, so that participants can begin improving their outlook on life while reaching a higher level of self-satisfaction.

Sean Joyce, Omega Consulting

Time Management in the Hybrid Work Environment

The new Covid-19 present hybrid work environment (in-person work, remote work, and a mix of both) has us busier than ever. Learn practical tips and methods to focus your and your team’s energy and time to make the most impact.

Bruce Gresham, Applied Vision Works
Glen Swyers, The Imagine Group

Operations: Fulfilling The Needs of Your Customers

Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers Part 1

In today’s mail center environment, managers face daunting challenges – multiple areas of responsibility, disruptive technologies, and changes in the US Postal Service operations and regulations. The talents and skills that got you to where you are today may not be enough to bring you to the next level. Attend this two-part workshop and hear from leading speakers in the industry. In Part One, learn how to effectively navigate the US Postal Service organization and regulations, and mail center management.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Patrick Ring, Boston University

Cybersecurity: Enabling and Protecting Business

Cybersecurity touches every aspect of modern business and can lead to devasting impacts on an organization’s bottom line. In a world riddled with cyber threats, how do we both protect and enable our businesses? The USPS’s Corporate Information Security Office provides insights on managing cybersecurity risk and offers practical approaches to reduce your risk.

Heather Dyer, USPS
Dorin Methfessel, USPS

Ensuring Superior Supply Chain Solutions, Today and Tomorrow!

Join Postal Service VP Supply Management (SM) Mark A. Guilfoil for this workshop on doing business with the Postal Service, and learn how SM deploys continuous improvements, new technology and innovative supply chain solutions that provide best value and competitive advantage to the Postal Service. Hear how SM responded and supplied the Postal Service through the COVID-19 pandemic, and continues to mitigate supply chain disruptions to support the Postal Service in its mission and service to the mailing public.

Mark Guiloil, USPS

Labor and Logistics: Strategies to Mitigate Challenges Brought on by the Pandemic

More than 50% of in-plant mailers are struggling to fill open positions. Logistic costs have increased exponentially and finding providers continues to be a challenge. What can a mailer do?  Attend this workshop to hear strategies your peers are deploying to lessen the impact to their businesses. Learn about logistics options, ways to retain and recruit qualified labor and best practices you can implement to ensure your mailing operation runs effectively while maintaining a positive client experience.

Jim Beaudoin, Prisma Graphic
Rich Domagala, Mystic Logistics
Derek Johnson, Pitney Bowes

Mitigating the Great Resignation with Automated Workflows

Let’s face it, the Covid pandemic has been a significant challenge for many companies and has now led to what is being called the Great Resignation. Finding and retaining key employees to operate the ever-increasing complexity of mail preparation technology is a substantial challenge. However, there may be an alternative path with automated mailing workflows to streamline processing, be future-ready for USPS changes, and reduce dependency on manual and costly processes. In this workshop, we will explore how some mailers have used the pandemic as a “pause of opportunity” to mitigate the challenges of the Great Resignation with enhanced automated workflows. We will also look at the latest in software and data technology that can ensure business continuity and reduce overall operating expenses.

Chris Lien, BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company

NCOA versus ACS: One or the Other or Both?

This workshop will cover comprehensive detail about best practices using NCOA and ACS. It will relate use cases for meeting the Move Update standard and offer tips for using NCOA and ACS return information to implement a robust Address Quality Practice for pre-mailing NCOA and post mailing ACS. The use of proper STID’s will be discussed when using ACS – and will discuss why electronic ACS is the way to go.

Bill Marsh, Data-Mail, Inc.
Lloyd Moss, Window Book

Quality: Meeting or Exceeding Customer Expectations by Reducing Waste in your Operations

In order keep your external customers happy, understanding the eight potential wastes of an organization is the first step. In this workshop we will take you through DOWNTIME – the eight wastes in an organization. Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-value added behavior, Transportation, Inventory, Motion and Extra processing. Focusing only on things a customer is willing to pay for, and removing all those non-value added items is the key to producing products that exceed customer expectations and keep your business thriving.

Kerry Hannify, Data-Mail, Inc.

The Changing World of Periodicals

Periodicals play an important role in our country.  Market forces and technological changes are impacting many publications.  Learn what the Postal Service is doing to keep Periodicals as the “Anchor in the Mailbox” Find out about recent changes to pending Periodicals and other best practices.

Tonya Dodson, USPS
Jackie Erwin, USPS
Eric Kisgen, Dotdash Meredith

Thinking about Outsourcing your Print Production?

Hear from the trenches the real-life considerations you need to keep in mind when considering outsourcing your print production operations – the multitude of workflows, processes and functions across an enterprise that need to be involved in the decisions.

Christine J. Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions
Scott Holton, Progressive Insurance
Mark Rheaume, Ricoh USA

Using Address Quality to Improve UAA

The way to improve Address Quality and reduce Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail to generate more deliverable mail, reduce compliance and fraud risks, and improve overall business operations is to connect and close the loop of the available tools and data. In this workshop, we will discuss both standard and best practice processes to use Address Quality to reduce UAA and to use UAA data to improve Address Quality to the benefit of your business operations (not just mail).

Adam Collinson, GrayHair Software

Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers Part 2

Attend this Part 2 workshop and hear from leading speakers in the industry. Here you’ll learn mail center management trends and technology, as well as additional focus on Management 101 and professional development.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Patrick Ring, Boston University

Direct Mail 101: Mailing Made Easy

This workshop is geared toward those with little or no experience in the business of mailing services, including anyone looking to get into direct mail or to add direct mail services to their existing business. The workshop will cover everything you need to know to start offering mailing services, from mailpiece design, using elements such as QR codes and CTAs, postal terminology you need to know, to applying for a postal permit. In addition, we will touch on Presorting, CASS certification and NCOALink® as well as general types of postal software and printing equipment required to turn your print shop into a complete direct mail shop!

Eric Lambeth, AccuZIP
Kristen Mckiernan, AccuZIP

Hot Topics for Mail Industry

In this workshop we’ll discuss the most important issues facing the mail industry today. We’ll engage audience in conversation, harnessing the collective knowledge in the room with an interactive session. Topics include security and privacy, Adapting Mail and Business Process to adjust for changes under the DFA plan, Legislation and PRC issues, Promotions, Informed Delivery, Secure Destruction, getting involved with Industry Associations, and audience generated topics. The workshop panel is composed of industry leaders with a strong First Class Mail knowledge and business expertise who are also mail owners. These experts will share their knowledge and experience as well as providing real world examples of how manage business and mailing process.

Darlene Wolf, Progressive Insurance

Making the Most of the USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS)

EPS provides businesses the ability to view their postage transactions, export reports, and manage accounts in a single portal. This workshop will cover the “nuts & bolts” of how to create, grant access, and manage your EPS accounts. It will also provide the perspective of Mailing Industry EPS users whether they be mail owners or mail service providers. Discussion will include best practices, what’s new in EPS, managing your EPS through Informed Visibility (IV), and other tools & tips to use EPS as effectively as possible. This workshop is intended to be interactive so please come with your questions!

James Duffy, USPS
John Whittington, Intelisent

MTAC 101: What is MTAC and How to Get Involved

This workshop will focus on the ins and outs of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). MTAC members serve at the pleasure of the Postmaster General. Our mission is to advise on ways that we can help USPS improve its products and services for the industry to help it grow its revenues and reduce its costs. Attendees will walk away with a good grasp of how it is organized, what gets discussed, how changes are implemented, membership advantages, how to access the right subject matter expertise, and submitting recommendations. Whether you are a mail owner, shipper, software or hardware vendor, Mail Service Provider, USPS employee, Government employee or media, you will all benefit from some aspect of MTAC 101. You will learn how you can get to interact with the USPS and industry members on topics pertinent to both.

Bob Rosser, IWCO Direct
Lisa Wurman, Quad

Responding to Covid: How a Mail Company Changed to Keep Personnel Safe and Working

When Covid-19 first arrived, buildings were closed and operations were interrupted. In this workshop learn how a mail operations company effectively adapted and responded to these challenges by going digital. And find out how using technology to support a safe remote workforce, is also making mail more accessible and trackable than ever before.

Brian Fox, Sole Solutions, Inc.
James Keough, Sole Solutions, Inc.

The Importance of Mailpiece Design

Who’s going to pay for it? The rising cost of postage rates and failing to meet minimum mailing dimensions for commercial mail can bust your budget. Let’s discuss the common mistakes of mailpiece design and how to avoid them. As the Postal Service moves to seamless acceptance this discussion is crucial for printers and mailers as the marketing landscape of a mailpiece’s competitive edge and the need for organizational sustainability increases.

Floyd Creecy, HeiTech Services, Inc.

Top Trends Affecting International Mailing

Emerging technology is driving some of the biggest changes we’ve seen yet on the global stage. Transportation and supply chain problems have created unusual disruptions. While looking into the future on a global scale is an uncertain proposition. In this workshop, we will tackle the big disruptors and the major regulatory changes for international mailing and customs duties and sales taxes obligations.

Steve W. Smith, Base 60 Consulting

USPS Special Services: Security and Accountability at Your Service

A must-see workshop to discover how Special Services add value to your mailings by providing security and accountability. Added benefits permit you to verify mail receipt and delivery, obtain signatures, insure mail contents, and register mail for additional protection. Adding services such as Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Hold Mail, and Certificate of Mailing will add value, increase effectiveness and protect yourselves and your customers. Learn how Qualified Business Reply Mail with Intelligent Mail Barcode Accounting can streamline and maximize your returns. Finally, learn how services such as Premium Forwarding Service Commercial can play a significant role in continuity of operations.

Lynne Hallett, USPS
Sheila Marano, USPS
Margaret Pepe, USPS

Who Would Have Thought? Mail Centers During & Beyond the Pandemic

Managing the mail center for a large organization during the past several years certainly brought a whole set of new problems and issues that needed to be overcome! This workshop will explore the ways that two large institutions adapted and implemented creative measures to maintain mail operations during the pandemic and what to expect into the future.

Patrick Ring, Boston University Mail Services
Betsy Shortell, Harvard University Mail & Distribution Services

CASS Cycle O: What You Need to Know!

Learn how CASS Cycle O enhances your address information while providing other information that is critical in assessing the deliverability of an address.

Starlene Blackwood, USPS

Empowering Frontline Workers for the Next Generation

While frontline workers make up over 70% of the workforce, there is still a lack of focus on leveraging modern technology to streamline and improve operations. In this workshop, we’ll discuss cost-effective technology that is helping to modernize frontline work for the digital age.

Kofi Bawuah, Microsoft

Integrated Direct Mail

Proving effectiveness of direct mail can be a challenge and can often lead to questions as to how well the offline strategy is actually working. Learn how you can eliminate the guessing game with technology integration strategies that allow you to seamlessly track the results of direct mail while enhancing the overall conversion rate by an average of 23-46% with multiple touch points. Also learn more about technology that can identify anonymous website visitors to build 9-18% response rate mailing lists in addition to identifying direct mail recipients who responded and went to the website to prove the effectiveness of direct mail. Key takeaways include: 5 ways to improve your direct mail response rate with inexpensive technology add-ons; using marketing metrics to validate direct mail ROI and adding incremental revenue with direct mail retargeting strategies.

Jason Weber, Direct Mail 2.0

Maximizing Your Mail Experience Through Commingle

Discover the many benefits – for your company and the USPS – of using commingle to maximize your mail experience. Even if you plan to presort your own mail, using commingle for your residual can bring postage savings and service improvements for your mail. Learn how commingled mail achieves the lowest postage rates, improved delivery service from USPS, helps reduce the USPS’ costs and improve its profitability. Today’s commingle mail environment is not one-size-fits-all, there are options and programs designed to suit all types of mail and mailers — attend this workshop to find out how your company can improve its mailing experience with commingle and how to find quality Commingle Mail Service Providers!

Brian Bowers, Fluence Automation, a BlueCrest Company
Rich Gebbie, Midwest Direct
Mark Kolb, United Mailing Services
Steve Krejcik, Pitney Bowes
Michelle Zalewski, ALG Worldwide Logistic

Oop$ Goof$ & Flub$

This workshop will take you through a fun session of what NOT to do in Data, Production, and Mailing and how some of these mistakes can affect the USPS Scorecard. The workshop panel will start with Data Flubs, Printing Goofs, and Mailing Oops. They’ll explore folding issues, presorting issues to incentive programs gone bad. Did a third party take the time to set up the ID campaign? Did the Creative Agency get too creative with a black envelope? Do you use the USPS Scorecard to make business decisions or ignore it until you get an assessment email? They’ll cover UAA, Scan Rates, Read Rates, and incorrect STIDS, MIDS and CRIDS. They’ll cover what not to do in Data, Production (imaging), Bindery (fold and Tabs), Presort (wrong class), Seamless and Edocs and much more, including USPS tools and tips along with best practices for Quality Control and the best outcomes.

Tom Glassman, Ricoh USA
Michael Patterson, Ricoh USA

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment at USPS

The presenters will highlight how the Postal Service is committed to sustainability and environmentally focused solutions and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy, fuel, and waste. The workshop will also provide an overview of our sustainable packaging and environmentally preferable products in our supply chain that reduce the environmental footprint of our customers.

Carolyn Cole, USPS
Ronald Robbins, USPS

The Post-Covid Mail Center

As employees return to the office, many mail operations will need to pivot to accommodate new, and future processes as the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end. In this workshop, mail center managers will discuss new processes that will support both the return to the office and a hybrid workforce. Intelligent lockers, touch-free delivery/pick-up, on-demand requests, digital mail, mail forwarding preferences, and desktop shipping are all workflows that any post-Covid mail center can implement. 

Lauren Schene, SCLogic

Treating Return Mail with the Care it Deserves

So much care, creativity and compliance go into the mailing process. From address hygiene, quality control processes, planning delivery windows to tracking mail through the supply chain.  But what happens when the mail piece you invested in doesn’t make it to the intended audience? Does it just sit in a closet and gather dust? Or is the process you use today seem cumbersome and expensive? Join us as we provide tips on how to get organizational alignment on your return mail goals. We will then walk through the options and considerations as you develop a solution to reach those goals. Through real life examples, we will help the group understand the practical application of digital options such as Secure Destruction and ACS solutions. We will also explore managing the physical aspects return mail such as security, culling the return mail to storing and archiving images. 

Judy Kalus, Pitney Bowes
Paula Stoskopf, Pitney Bowes

Where Did My Customers Go Now?

Keeping up with customers on the move has been especially challenging during the Covid pandemic. As employees have transitioned to home offices, it leaves many mailers wondering where is my customer physically located now, and how can I effectively message to them? In this workshop, we will review the latest best practices in address quality including change of address processing using both USPS and industry sourced data. As “data detectives”, we will seek for key clues that can help us determine how to keep up with customers on the move in a post-pandemic world.

Chris Lien, BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company

Pushing The Envelope: Why Mail Works

“My Direct Mail Campaign Didn’t Work!”

If you are an industry professional then you are no stranger to hearing this on both sides of the sale starting with “if it works I will spend way more money with you…” to “my direct mail campaign didn’t work, I received zero business from it.” If you are a marketer there is no doubt that you have struggled with proving attribution and true return on your investment with direct mail. The vicious circle of offline marketing attribution has been a challenge for decades; it’s time to break the wheel. Join this myth-busters workshop that uncovers the REAL attribution of direct mail and breaks down all barriers to proving what we all know to be true – DIRECT MAIL WORKS!

Erica Switzer, Spectrum Marketing Companies

Case Study in Customer Satisfaction

One bad piece of mail is too many. If a high-value mail piece does not reach a customer, that could lead to a damaged relationship. The larger the organization, the more diverse and more priorities there are regarding goals, purposes, needs, restrictions, regulations, and requirements. It makes sense that larger organizations implement multiple “Best Practices” regarding customer satisfaction and addressing. This workshop will explore the tools, services, processes, and real-life examples around address quality and the best practices on when, where, and how to use them. You will learn how a large company manages its mail and how that makes a difference.

Samantha Ewald, GrayHair Software
Moira Mach, GrayHair Software

Direct Mail: The Key to Marketing Success

Marketers are showing renewed interest in direct mail―and for good reason. The recently released ANA Response Rate Report 2021 identified letter-sized, enveloped mailpieces delivered to prospect lists as producing the highest ROI (112%) across all marketing channels studied. In addition, Winterberry Group predicts marketers will spend $43.4 billion on direct mail in 2022, an increase of 3.5% compared to 2021. Successful direct mail is engaging, compelling, and relevant―one might say irresistible―but it doesn’t stand alone. When properly integrated with companion channels and propelled by creativity, data, and analytics, direct mail is a premier channel for driving consumer response. This workshop will explore the strategies, techniques, and technologies now available to create a personalized experience for each prospect and deliver the best return on investment for campaigns.

Bob Rosser, IWCO Direct
Kurt Ruppel, IWCO Direct

How to Grow Your Business Using Data Science: No Degree Required

Buzzwords like “Artificial Intelligence” and “Data Science” are hot topics in today’s marketing circles. But what can AI-technology paired with marketing data actually do for printers, direct response marketers and agencies? Join this workshop if you want a practical, step-by-step strategy on how on-demand platforms are helping companies harness the power of data science to build predictive, high-performance audiences. You’ll learn: 1) Four quick steps to create AI-driven audiences for direct mail targeting. 2) How printers are using on-demand data tools to unlock new revenue streams without growing headcount. 3) Why AI models can grow the volume of your data-driven campaigns without sacrificing performance. 4) A simple hack to seamlessly launch direct mail + digital campaigns. 5) How AI-technology can help direct mail providers attract digital-first buyers. No training. No coding. No big budgets. Just the power of data science for everyone!

Lindsey Harju, TRAK Data
Brie Pinnow, TRAK Data

The Future Is Adaptive: How to Leverage Design Excellence to Create a Personalized and Effective Omni-Channel Communication Strategy

In today’s world where consumers are inundated with communication across a variety of channels it can be difficult to crack the code on customer engagement. Customers expect every interaction to be personalized and relevant to them. Marketers who combine USPS Marketing Mail with digital marketing show more effective campaign metrics. How do you ensure your print strategy adapts to the digital evolution and ultimately drives exceptional customer experience? In this workshop learn how industry-leading businesses effectively leverage their print and mail communications with digital tactics that eliminate customer confusion and deliver real business results. You’ll learn how to: Leverage customer-centric design to create clear and effective print and mail communications; Know your customer better than they know themselves and understand how print communications fit into their customer experience;  Implement effective personalization and targeting tactics that impact marketing campaign growth; Ensure your brand is future-proofed and equipped with technology and tools to adapt.

Lois Ritarossi, High Rock Strategies
Mike Woods, CSG

2022 State of Direct Mail Marketing

In this workshop we’ll present insights on the state of direct mail marketing and shed new light on the approach, effectiveness, and best practices of modern direct mail marketers. Join us as we explore how software is streamlining the direct mail processes and making it easier for marketers to run targeted personalized campaigns with complete analytics and campaign attribution. We’ll share how top mailers are increasing time to value by 150% with automation and technology how utilizing hyper-personalization and trigger-based direct mail to significantly improve response rates, and how to use direct mail to increase the ROI of your acquisition and retention omnichannel campaigns by as much as 27%.

Summer Hahnlen, LOB
Josh Roth, Sr., LOB

Data Driven: The Key Attribute that makes Mail a Viable Marketing Channel

Not all marketing channels are created equal–costs, response rates, reach, and ability to segment varies. This workshop with discuss the data-driven attributes of mail including identity mapping, profiling, and predictive modeling. Learn strategies for capturing the true value of mail – through tracking direct results, attribution, calculating return on investment. Learn how mail can be a catalyst to engagement in other channels.

Stephen J. Grech, USPS
Lucie Jameson, The Hartford

Elevating the Hybrid Marketing Experience

As brands deliver new digital experiences that meet changing customer preferences, the next step is to enhance hybrid customer experiences—and mail can be part of that solution. In this workshop, learn how contemporary brands are using hybrid experiences to build customer relationships using personalization, rapid feedback and data infrastructure.

Emily Carr, Deloitte
Ken Nelson, Deloitte
Mark Singer, Deloitte

Mail Marketing in the Post-Cookie World: Informed Delivery as a Tool to Enhance Your First Party Data

Cookies are changing – and not from chocolate chip to oatmeal. What was the industry standard for gathering third party consumer data across online channels is going to go away in 2023. In its place, in-house, first party data will take a new prominence in targeting the right message, to the right consumer, in the right channel. Using in-house data to drive your omnichannel marketing mix is more important than ever in making sure your message is driving the consumer response you desire. Informed Delivery with Mail not only adds a digital channel to your physical marketing, but also provides a wealth of information about the performance of your mail message that can enhance the first-party data you already have. During this workshop, we’ll talk briefly about the changes happening in the digital marketing space and how mail with Informed Delivery can – and should – take new prominence in your omnichannel marketing mix. This workshop is appropriate for a business audience interested in identifying and using marketing insights data.

Todd Black, Intellisent
Bob Dixon, USPS

The Future of Direct Mail: Marketer and Consumer Attitudes About the Response Rate Champion

In this workshop, we will reveal 2022 research on what role direct mail plays for consumers and B2B marketers. What are direct marketers doing to reach today’s consumer? Which marketing tactics are resonating with consumers? And how does direct mail fit in? We’ll also cover direct mail engagement across generations, what direct mail feature inspires the most action, and what consumers feel could make their marketing mail more useful for them. We’ll share, from a marketer’s perspective, which channels have worked best for them during the pandemic, what omnichannel tactics they are employing to support direct mail campaigns, and where direct mail fits compared to other channels in their future marketing plans.

Melanie DeCaprio, SG360
Michael McCormick, SG360

What’s in the Mail: DMM 101

This workshop is intended for attendees new to the mailing industry as well as shippers. We’ll discuss content and preparation limitations found in the DMM: What can be mailed, Hazmat, Lives, Perishables, Lithium batteries, PACT Act products, Library/Media mail, etc.

Dale Kennedy, USPS

Authentically Inclusive Marketing

While the marketing function is increasingly focusing on more inclusive advertising, consumers—who are increasingly diverse—expect brands to follow through on these promises. Learn more about three ways marketing can do this.

Emily Carr, Deloitte

Direct Mail Technology: The Key to Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Why do 2/3 of marketers say that direct mail is the best performing channel? Because when done right, direct mail response rates dwarf those of other channels. In this workshop learn how Direct Mail technology makes mail campaigns more effective and easier to manage by: 1) Sending personalized mail in hundreds of variations in a matter of days. 2) Triggering messages to prospects who have visited a website or reached a critical stage in their customer journey. 3) Using lookalike models to identify prospects similar to their best customers. 4) Warming up prospects with digital channels before a mail piece arrives, and remind them about it afterwards. 5) Using QR codes, SMS text, voice response, vanity phone numbers, and matchback to track direct mail’s effectiveness.

David Fink, Postie
Keith Goodman, Modern Postcard
Summer Hahnlan, LOB
Ray Van Iterson, USPS
Jason Ross, PebblePost

How to Get a Piece of Political Campaign Dollars Spent in 2022

Political campaigns will create billions of pieces of direct mail around the 2022 elections. In this workshop we’ll share what you need to do capture your share of this lucrative market. We’ll talk about how the political mail market is structured, and what their needs are: 1) Running voter registration campaigns. 2) Connecting other marketing channels to direct mail. 3) Identifying and marketing to voter characteristics. 4) Using mail tracking to coordinate and control complicated campaign and vendor relationships. 5) Chasing Vote by Mail outbound ballots and outstanding ballots. 6) Increasing response and saving postage with Informed Delivery. You will come away from this session with the knowledge you need to add campaign direct mail to your services.

Dave Lewis, Snailworks
Jim Richard, USPS

Mailing Innovations and Promotions

Learn how the 2022 promotions continues to incent mailers to innovate in the mail with new print techniques, interactive designs to better engage consumer with the mail and drive higher ROIs.

Krista Becker, USPS
Ezana Dessie, USPS

Simple Options for Simple Mailing

This workshop will demonstrate how to create electronic documentation using Postal tools, (e.g., Postal Wizard and iMsb) and it is designed for smaller volume mailers that have not adopted any electronic documentation processes or methods yet.

James Duffy, USPS
Roshanda Jackson, USPS

The Future of Marketing

This workshop offers solid foundational knowledge of marketing automation and how it can support your business far into the future.  Learn some of the industry-best practices to help create the best marketing automation experience for your business and your customers, and see the powerful impact mail can have on successful marketing automation campaigns.

Joseph Boyce, Account Director, MRM

Turning up the Volume on your Transactional Mail

First-Class Mail can be the most personal communication method for you to use with your customers. Find out best practices that not only leverage your mail budgets but make bills and statements an effective customer engagement tool. USPS will review the latest trends and share information about the latest, newest mail product and Connect Local Mail.

Krista Becker, USPS
Margaret Pepe, USPS

Winning More Political Campaign Dollars in 2022 Amidst a Paper Crisis

In this workshop, we will explore the challenges of getting the most value from Political Campaign Dollars. This workshop will share how to leverage additional exposure though USPS Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery, discuss what potential incentives are available, logistics for Destination SCF drop shipments, outline the concept of new size ideas focusing on resources available and the Postage Rate increases of 2022.

Tom Mackel, Engage Marketing Inc
Jim Richard, USPS